Is Pool An Olympic Sport?

People have asked whether “is pool an Olympic sport,” and most times, there has been no response. Nevertheless, this article will try its utmost best to provide an answer as you keep reading.

Is Pool An Olympic Sport

So, is pool an Olympic sport or not? The answer to this question is that it is not currently among the sports considered Olympic sports.

And although professional pool players are regarded as athletes, the game has not been included in the Olympics.

Remember that although pool is not on the Olympic sports list,  it is heavily recognized by the IOC, International Olympic Committee. Note that the pool is also present in the world games.

And while the world games are being run by the IOC and International World Games Association, the two recognize Pool as a sport.

Why Is Pool Not In The Olympics

Since you have your answer to the question, “is pool an Olympic sport?” it must be understood that pool is not a part of the sports listed there because it is easier said than done when it comes to getting a sport in the Olympic Games.

There is a maximum of twenty-eight sports in each summer Olympics and just twenty-six in London.

And while demonstration sports were cut off abruptly from the Barcelona Games in 1992, the Chinese were allowed to add Wushu as a demonstration sport in the Beijing Games of 2008.

Nevertheless, the IOC can decide on the sports that will get in or get kicked out through votes. As of 2005, baseball and softball were kicked out, while in 2009, golf and rugby got in for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

More so, Pocket Billiards’ governing body is the WPA, World Pool-Billiard Association. And it is recognized by the IOC and other sports, but not in the Olympic Games. These other sports are:

•Tug of war

• Sumo

• Polo

• Bridge

•  Roller sports and even;

• Korfball

It must be understood that most sports, including Pool, are all in the World Games. For those unaware, the World Games is a quadrennial parallel Olympics for non-Olympic sports.

Furthermore, there were plans to have cue sports included in the 2024 Olympic program in Paris, but the IOC rejected the plan.

And without backing down, there are plans to get the sport into the 2028 Olympic Games that will most likely be held in Los Angeles.

According to the Secretary General of the World Confederation of Billiards sports, it is a massive disappointment that the IOC refused to feature cue games, squash, and chess in the Olympic Games in France.

What Level Is Pool Now?

As mentioned earlier, pool is yet to be accepted by the IOC for the sport to become an Olympic sport.

More so, a significant reason why pool is still at the level that it is currently is that billiard games have yet to be able to gain plenty of international recognition as a sport.

In other news, cue sports are played only locally and nationally. But there is hope that the two bodies governing the sport on the international level will be capable of convincing the IOC to accept the game.


If you have been seeking answers to the question of whether “is pool an Olympic sport”, be ready to read our response as we have provided you with the necessary details you need to know.

Is pool considered to be a sport?

Yes, it is taken as a sport and not just a game found in bars. 

What kind of sport does pool fall under?

Note that pool is categorized under cue sports.

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