Best Short Pool Cues : expert’s recommendations in 2023

Have you ever wondered why people make use of these short pool cues? If yes, then sit back and co-tinge reading to know more.

The short cue is used when you are playing your game in a tight space. While teenagers and kids commonly use them, short people also use them.

Since these cues are used to play in tight spaces, a Pro or intermediate player will need to make up for what the short pool cue lacks with their skills. And the things that these short cues lack are balance and weight.

Without much ado, we will take a cursory look at some of the best short pool cues you can buy.

The Best Short Pool Cues

Some of the best short pool cues that will fit into your budget are:

1. The TGA Sports 36″


Do you want a cue for your kid who is just starting to play? Or do you need a great cue that you can give out as a gift? If yes, the TGA Sports 36″ is the most durable and affordable option.

This stick is 36 inches long and is a wooden stick with a hard leather tip of 13mm. The tip helps when you want to deliver a strong shot. While it does not have a high gloss varnish finish, its tips are pure wood with little varnish.

The TGA sports 36″ is a one-piece short cue stick readily sold as a pair. The size makes it easy to carry as the entire package weighs roughly 0.68kg. When kids make use of it, it is pretty accurate.

While adults in tight spaces can use this cue, the adults will likely complain that the tip is too hard. However, a kid new to the game will use the hard tip to deliver strong shots.

The pros here are:

• Amazing in a tight space

• Great for kids

• Very affordable

The con is:

• Warps easily

Why We Love It

Although this pool cue cannot take chalk, it is a great choice when taking a good shot is all that matters to you. More so, most people love it as it allows for better braking. It is ideal for kids that are recently learning to play pool.

You can easily hang it on your rack because of its small size. Also, since the length and weight of your backhand will be less, you will end up with a clean stroke.

2. The Iszy Short 42″


If you have been looking for a two-piece cue stick similar to the 36″ of the TGA Sports, then the Iszy hardwood maple pool stick is your best bet.

Understand that this pool stick is shorter than the regular 56″ -58″ pool cues and is made available in details you like, such as the black and brown design. One of the features you will love is its steel joints and its durability.

This short cue stick has a 13mm fiber ferrule, Irish linen wrap, and glue-on tips. It is a stick with great value and can be used without any hassle in a cramped room or place. The tips are highly durable and will take a while to warp.

The Irish Linen wrap found here enables a firm grip on the stick. It is one of the cues that is simple to handle and allows close-quarter shots easily. Even though it is a short pool cue, it weighs close to the full-length cue.

As one of the straight pool cues out there, it is ideal for beginners because of its balance and durability. While playing on a pool table, you can interchange them with the regular pool cues.

You can use it if you are playing on the longer side of a pool table close to a wall. As a two-piece short cue stick, you can easily carry it with you. While it comes with a nice finish, its pros are:

• Highly durable

• Great tips

• Perfect for tight spaces

The con is:

• Not weight adjustable

Why We Love It

There are many reasons to love this short cue, and some of the reasons range from its portability, sleek design, and premium materials. This stick is crafted from solid hardwood Canadian maple, which gives it a fancy look.

It can be taken apart and placed together with a screw as a two-piece cue. Both professional and younger players can make use of it.

3. The Viper Commercial/House Pool cue


Have you been on the lookout for the best short pool cues? If yes, we can quickly introduce you to the Viper commercial/ house cue. It is a great cue that weighs twenty ounces.

Although it is not lightweight, its length is perfect for the tight space or cramped room you might find yourself playing in. It is crafted with Canadian maple, and for some protection, it has many layers. It is one of the cues on this list with nine layers of varnish.

As a one-piece pool table cue, it does not come with a wrap. As a highly reliable pool table cue, it has a small 36″ size and a 48″ size. The 36″ is ideal for kids’ hands while they play in a cluttered room.

For the 48″ variation, it offers more satisfying gameplay on those more extended pool tables while maintaining its sleek design features. It’s 13mm leather tip will help to shape your shot.

The nine layers of varnish assists in delivering a fine and durable performance no matter how wild your game gets. The pros to find here are:

• Great for small spaces

• Solid construction

• Good durability

As for the con:

• There is no wrap

Why We Love It

While some people may not buy it because it is a one-piece cue, it will amaze you to note that we love it because it gives consistent shots. So while you may find a comment on review pages that states that the tip is not so strong, some people do not mind.

Interestingly, it falls into the categories of those pool cues that will easily fit into your rack.

4. The Genubi Industry Wooden Billiard Cue


One thing to note about the Genubi Industry Wooden Billiard pool table cue is that it is ideal for all players. As one of the best short pool cues out there, they make short cues that are both durable and lightweight.

Best believe that the short ash wood stick will enable you to hit the balls with substantial accuracy even if the space is tight. You will also be able to make an accurate jump shot that will typically demand strength and not distance.

It has a one-piece design and is made from top-quality materials capable of providing stability as you shoot. It means a beginner or your kids can make use of it. When it comes down to durability, this is a good choice as it comes with two sets.

The pros here are:

• Lightweight pool cue

• Highly durable

• Enables accurate shot

As for the con:

• People complain about the lightweight

Why We Love It

Aside from the fact that you can have it delivered as a perfect gift to someone, we love that it gives enough stability for a player to hit the ball accurately.

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Buying Guide For Short Pool Cues

Before we delve into the buying guide for these pool cues, it must be noted that these cues will be perfect for your kids based on their height and how they weigh. The list we have compiled above shows that most of them are in the 36″ range.

While they are not all crafted for kids, most of the short pool cues you will find out there are tailored to meet their needs regardless. As for adults, you will not need to use these cues frequently if your pool table is not in a tight spot.

Nevertheless, those buying any of these cues understand that holding the right one will make all the necessary differences when you play. While you search for a new short pool cue, the things to look out for are:

• Its Weight

You will need to consider this factor because the heavy ones are known to provide more power behind one’s shot, while the lighter cue gives more control.

For those who may be lost on the weight to pick, it is best to try different cues with different weights to see the one that will be more balanced and feel good in your hand.

• The Tip

As you search for the ideal one to buy, you will need to check out the tip because it is a part of the cue known to make contact with your pool ball. It is why you must ensure it is in the ideal condition.

If your cue has a worn-out tip, it will surely not strike your ball accurately. Sometimes, it damages the ball.

• The Length

It would be best to consider the length when buying a pool cue because these short cues are easier to control, even though the longer cue will give more power. You can try out any of the best short pool cues we outlined above to get the best fit.


With our list of the best short pool cues you can buy, you will be capable of finding a great cue that will fit both your playing style and budget.

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