4 Rules Of Pool When You Scratch 2023

Do you know the rules of pool when you scratch? Or do you need to learn what scratch means in pool?

Understand that, like all other games, pool has many rules and regulations that players must abide by. However, sometimes, people make up their own rules, making it hard to understand the game and even play it.

However, this article will focus on the acceptable rules of scratching that are well-known across diverse countries.

Rules Of Pool When You Scratch

Before we delve into the rules of pool when you scratch, it must be understood that scratching will seem unusual if you are an amateur.

In other news, a scratch does not mean you have to prevent your ball from the pocket. In short, every foul that gets into being on one’s cue ball is taken to be a scratch.

As for the rules of pool when you scratch, understand that a different set of regulations controls the scratch fouls. Two groups of pool players that are at adjacent tables may have their own rules.

However, the most popular rules of pool when you scratch are:

• The break-scratch rule

The rule states that only one thing may occur if a player gets to scratch during a break.

When it happens, the opposing player will get the cue ball in hand behind the head string, while object balls pocketed during this break will stay pocketed, and the table will remain open.

In some unofficial circles, a break scratch is seen as an automatic loss.

• The gameplay scratch rules

Once a player pockets the cue ball, one of two things is bound to happen. The first involves putting the ball anywhere on the table as you hold it in your hand.

Meanwhile, the player that scratched the opponent will likely place their ball wherever they want on the table and try to take a shot.

In other news, this rule of pool when you scratch was made to deter players from intentionally scratching to decrease their opponent’s performance.

With a scratch, opposing players will frequently shoot from anywhere behind the head string. And this is a move tagged as from the kitchen or in the kitchen.

It means that opposing players will only take the cue ball in hand from behind the head string, irrespective of the pocket where it is pocketed.

Note that if the cue ball gets pocketed at the head of the table, the shot will be taken from behind the head string.

• The table scratch rule

While table scratches are not popular regarding rules of pool when you scratch, they tend to have the same effect as the pocketed cue ball scratches.

So, depending on the game’s rules, two occurring possibilities occur after the table scratch. The first possibility is the ball in hand behind the head string, while the second is ball in hand anywhere on the pool table.

Irrespective of the method you select, the pocket and table scratch regulations are the same.

• 8-ball scratch rule

For a player to scratch on the 8-ball shot, it means that they will forfeit the game, and the game is announced as over. But, it will be considered a loss if the 8-ball is not in play anymore.

Understand that scratching occurs when the player fires at an object ball other than the 8-ball. Therefore, the player will forfeit the game if they pocket both the cue balls and 8-ball in one stroke.

What Will Count As A Scratch?

In the rules of pool when you scratch, the thing that will count as a scratch are:

• Jumping the cue ball off the table 

• Players do not touch one of their balls on a turn, and;

• They touch the opponent’s ball with the cue ball before touching their own.

All of these will be considered scratches.


If you need to know the rules of pool when you scratch, easily read through this article to be enlightened.

What will happen if I scratch after I hit the 8 ball in?

According to the official rules, you will lose the game.

Will it be a scratch if I miss all the balls?

Yes. It is a scratch if you do not hit any of the balls on the pool table.

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