Looking for the Best portable pool tables: Explore the Benefits

Who doesn’t want to have the best portable pool tables? Every pool player dreamt of getting a pool table which is an easy place anywhere after the completion of the match.

The pool table is one of the best challenging, fun, and rewarding indoor game. Every indoor gamer loves to play pool tables.

Playing pool table with friends or family is great fun. Tons o benefits are in a pool table which is a portable one.

A portable table will let you own a lightweight table and provide portability. Not only this, it will take tiny space in your home.

When you stay in a small building or room, you do not need to sacrifice pool games for not having much space.

The enlisted tables will enable you to fulfill your wish to play and keep the pool table in your small room.

Another best part of having a portable pool table is it’s accessible to the setup process and that you can easily and quickly store it away when not to use or not to play for some days.



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Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table


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Rack Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table


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Fat Cat by GLD products Trueshot Pool Table


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Rack Leo 4-Foot Folding Billiard/Pool Table


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Go Sports Billiards Table

Why Pick the Best portable pool tables

So that you know the advantages of getting a portable pool table, let us tell you what details you will have through the post.

Here we have enlisted five pool tables that are lightweight and durable with their features.

You will not only get the features but their pros and cons. Besides, we have added the buying guides so that you can consider a few details before buying the right one.

Out top 5 picks

Check the best portable pool tables by going through the mentioned description.

1.   Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

Hathaway table is one of the great small pool tables that anyone can. BeginnersBeginners who want to get a pool table to play as a beginner player may invest in this.

Their money will not be wastage as it has excellent features.

It’s an ideal pool table with portability and can be folded up easily. As it can be folded easily, one can store it away.

The great design of the product made it attractive, and people love to play on its surface.

You need not look elsewhere if you are looking for a pool table to set up in your small room. It’s a sturdy pool table, and everyone will love to have it as theirs.

Essential Featured on Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

  1. The table comes with steel legs that are easy to fold.
  2. The felt of the Hathaway pool table is made of high-quality blended wool.
  3. The corner casting is chrome plated.
  4. The integrated leveler’s legs feel like a playing field on any surface.
  5. It will be placed in you with a nylon carry bag.
  6. A table brush, a racking triangle, two chalks, and 48 inches pool cues of two-piece are given with the table.
  7. The item weight of this table is only 115 pounds.
  8. Felt is the material type; you may get it in red and blue.

Pros of the table

  • The table is easy to fold.
  • The table is undoubtedly lightweight.
  • Hathaway Fairmont pool table is both durable and transportable.
  • One can easily store it when not used.

Cons of the table

  • It can be tilted with time or during use.
  • The level of the table is low.

2.    Rack Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table

With multiple years of research and expertise in creating stunning design, the manufacturer launched this pool table. This has been designed to be easy to fold up and set up the technology. Engineers’ woods have been used on the table to give it a quality finish.

This table is not only for kids, but adults may find great happiness playing on it. The table can be small in size, but the performance is not.

Features of Rack Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table

Have a look here to know what features have been included to make the rack crux folding table.

  1. Rack is the brand name of the pool table.
  2. The weight of the rack pool table is meager (44 pounds).
  3. The item’s dimension is 52(L)*32(W)*29(H) inches.
  4. 4.3 out of 5 rating according to customer choice on Amazon.
  5. They ensure a flat surface. The table comes with 1inch leg levelers.
  6. You will have a set of resin billiard balls with the table free.
  7. The lovely colors of the product made it fascinating. The available shades of the Rack Crux table are Blue and Mint Green.
  8. Both the base and frame material is engineered wood.

Pros of the table

  • It doesn’t take p much space and can be settled in a small room.
  • Available sturdy and heavy balls.
  • The easy and quick built-in process made it a great pool table.
  • The table can be folded by removing 2 or 4 screws.
  • It’s a tiny table, and beginners will love it for sure.

Cons of the table

  • The glue used in adding the legs is useless.
  • Low-quality material was used to manufacture the table.

3.   Fat Cat by GLD products Trueshot Pool Table

Suppose you don’t have an extra room for settling the pool table, but you are fonded of pool games. Can’t you able to set a pool table in your house? Of course, you can. The Fat Cat pool table is one of the most significant examples of a home model pool table.

It’s a stylish small table that catches the attention of pool game lovers, and the folding legs of the products make it easy to store. The table’s frame is made of wood, and the black surface of the item is exclusive.

Features included Fat Cat by GLD products Trueshot Pool Table

Don’t you want to know the available features of the Fat Cat Pool Table? If yes, then you must keep your eyes below.

  1. It will arrive to you with 3months limited warranty.
  2. On the enlisted products, it’s one of the heaviest portable pool tables. The item’s weight is 88 pounds.
  3. Investing money in it will give you the table, a billiard ball set, one brush, two cues, two chalks, and a ball triangle.
  4. For its compact design, you may keep it in a place you never thought possible.
  5. It is considered ideal for its size.
  6. Build it within a minute and unfold its legs. Insert the four bolts, and it will be ready to play on.
  7. As it has leg safety, the table is also safe and secure.

Pros of the table

  • The table’s level is excellent.
  • The product’s size is space-saving.
  • It has been manufactured with sturdy legs and transportable wheels.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Compact design.

Cons of the table

  • As the item’s weight is heavy, it can’t be stored regularly.
  • The brush size is minimal.
  • Felt might not fit with the table.

4.   Rack Leo 4-Foot Folding Billiard/Pool Table

Are you keen to get the best lightweight pool table that is both space-saving and strong? Then Rack Leo Folding Billiard Pool Table is ideal for you. It has been designed with excellent quality with easy to built method.

You can play on it after setting it up; no assembly is required. Those searching for the best pool table for their kids must choose and purchase. It’s perfect for kids.

Available Features on Rack Leo 4-Foot Folding Billiard/Pool Table

When you are interested to know the full feature of the Rack Leo pool table, you must go with us to the next section.

  1. If you love blue or green, you may order these two colors.
  2. Again its brand is Rack.
  3. Cotton and Rubber material has been used on the Rack Leo table.
  4. Billiards ball games can be played on the table.
  5. It doesn’t require any assembly.
  6. 35.2 is the ultimate weight of the table. Among the five best portable pool tables, it’s the most lightweight.
  7. The felt of the Rack Leo pool table is velvet.

Pros of the table

  • Fascinating design.
  • It doesn’t need any assembly.
  • The customer service of the product is unimaginative.
  • You can easily store the product when you think it is not in use.
  • The thickness of the table makes it lightweight.

Cons of the table

  • Adults might see it a little smaller as per their level and size.
  • The table’s height is low so that it will be perfect for only kids or short people.

5.  GoSports Billiards Table

Though we are talking about the small pool tables, this one has a large playing surface.

One can have a stylish, well-designed pool table at a low price. With the compact size of the table, it can set up any bedroom, garage room, or storeroom.

It’s our last top pick. If you want to carry the pool table to your friend’s room to have fun with your team, you may fold its legs and pack it.

Then move the table from your house to your friends.

Key Features on GoSports Billiards Table

Following the list below, follow the Gosport billiard table’s key features.

  1. 6ft or 7 feet billiard pool table doesn’t deliver alone but comes with cue sticks, balls, felt brushes, and chalk.
  2. The Gosport pool table is made of steel.
  3. The frame of the table is heavy-duty specifies.
  4. You can adjust the feet.
  5. The pool table’s weight is 120 pounds.
  6. The pocket is of the net and high density.
  7. Red, Black, and Blue are its color.
  8. The table’s material is synthetic.

Pros of the table

  • A large surface is available.
  • With the table, a felt brush is also included.
  • The cues that come with the table are incredibly lightweight.
  • Designed with durability.
  • The frames are very sturdy with solid quality.

Cons of the table

  • The surface may be larger but is not smooth.
  • The table is heavier than the other portable pool tables.

Why Pick the Best portable pool tables

Features consider while buying the best portable pool tables

Every single pool table has some specific features. But how to know which features make a pool table best?

What features should we consider before picking the best portable pool tables?

We have covered the mentioned section with some key features you should notice. Check them instantly.

Level of the Player

It is essential to check the player’s level before going to this table. As per the player’s level, they want some required things. Don’t you want to know why we are asking you to check the level of the players?

This is because the surface of portable tables is small. Besides the table’s small surface, its balls and cues are also small. So beginners might learn a lot from it. But advanced players might not get fun with small tables.


The larger-sized pool tables are expensive, so their material quality is also high.

But as the small tables are portable, it doesn’t come with high-quality material, just like big pool tables. But there is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t mean players can’t get fun with small tables.

You are highly recommended to go for this because of its extreme lightweight and transportability.

Several materials are used to make a pool table. Hardwood is on them and a good one. You can buy one which is made of hardwood.

Weight of the table

Every buyer should check the table’s weight before buying the best portable pool tables.

Weight is a very significant fact to consider as various things are depended on their weight. All of you here must want a portable table.

To have a portable table, you must get the lightest product. The more light it will be, the more portable it will be.

The table’s weight also describes the table’s construction, surface, and floor.

Pool’s pockets

You should check whether the table’s pockets are made of plastic cups or a net. Let us explain to you what bag you should choose and why so?

First of all, the pockets on the net are pretty heavy, which we suggest you not accept as they will not be portable.

Plastic cups are also available as table pockets. They are very light, a perfect feature of a portable table.

More reliable pocket options are on the table, including metal railings & leather pouches. But you can’t get them at low prices.

It would help if you bought expensive pool tables to have them.


In a hurry, do not forget to check the warranty period of the table. You might not choose the right table for the first time, so a warranty tag may help solve problems.

Most of the tables come with a warranty tag or period. And some sellers even provide a consultation for free.

Table’s size

Before buying the best portable pool table, let’s know why the table’s size is an essential factor.

You should choose the table’s size, remembering your room’s size. Whether it can be fitted to your room or not.

Those who have small rooms should choose small tables. Keep in mind to fit the table in the room with having some extra walking space.

Another reason to consider the table’s size is that the more it will be smaller, the easier it will be to carry in or out.


Almost everyone should be able to pick the best portable pool tables through the post. After doing lots of research, we have listed the top 5 durable pool tables, and our eyes were on the customer reviews.

Every product has been described with its features, and its pros and cons have been mentioned.

After having such a description, nobody should doubt which table they should pick.

As one person needs only one table, we request them to compare these five tables to have the right one. We hope this post was an excellent experience for those who had no idea about the best portable pool tables.

People Asked Common Question

Is there any folding pool table?

We are in 2022, where almost everything is possible to get. So undoubtedly, having a folding pool table is possible. Players should pick the best folding pool table to pack after every game to free up space.

What is the best lightest pool table?

Though there is more than one light pool table, “Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table” is the lightest. The weight of the Fat Cat pool table is only 114 pounds which is easy to place from one place to another.

What is the small pool table called?

Two types of pool tables are available for pool players. You can have either a standard-size pool table or choose a small table. We know bumper pool tables as small tables. So to get the small pool table, you can buy a bumper pool table.

What pool table has no pockets?

Carrom billiard is a pool table that has no pockets. That table is also called French billiards. Carrom billiard can be played with three balls only with no bag. This pool table can be played by driving one of the white balls.

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