Can You Lose Weight From Billiards Or Shooting Pool? 

When it comes to billiards or pools, people have so many questions that they demand immediate answers. And one such question is, “Can you lose weight from billiards or shooting pool?”

A simple and short answer is yes. At the same time, the long answer has to do with the fact that there are so many health benefits linked to playing billiards or shooting pool.

Best believe that we will be highlighting some of them.

How Does One Lose Weight From Billiards Or Pool

If you are a pool player, you may have been asked, “can you lose weight from billiards or shooting pool?”. 

Playing this game is a great way to de-stress and unwind. One reason is that the game is excellent for one’s mental and physical well-being. 

For billiards, you can lose weight from the game because: 

1. It burns calories

As a result of sedentary lifestyles, most people tend to gain weight. And we all know that gaining weight leads to plenty of health problems that can be fatal.  

To remain healthy and lead a happy life, a person needs to be physically active. Playing billiards can help boost your well-being as it melts fat. 

The game entails walking, and you may take up to a hundred trips around the table’s perimeter.

The trips you will take around the table will likely equal walking about three-quarters of a mile. 

 It does not matter the type of billiards you will be playing; you can stack up this distance and burn those calories. 

2. It drastically slows down one’s aging process

From a study that was carried out, it was revealed that playing billiards helps older men to make use of their muscles.

Understand that using one’s muscles keeps the muscles engaged and will assist in slowing down aging. 

It will surprise you to note that picking up the cue stick and hitting the ball as hard as possible will make an older man feel good. 

3. Billiards helps one stretch and boost their balance

One way to lose weight is through stretching. Now in the game of billiards, one must stretch to cue the ball at specific angles.

You must bend across the pool table to reach your cue ball as you play the game. 

In other news, a player must be flexible to make difficult shots. 

You will have to stand on a single foot, boosting your flexibility and stamina. 

For those still asking, “can you lose weight from billiards or shooting pool?” we have shown you how you can lose weight by playing billiards.

Now, you can lose weight from shooting pool because: 

4. Shooting pool entails stretching 

For non-pool players, randomly exercising with plenty of stretches will help them lose weight because they will try repeatedly touching their toes or the ground. All of these can help in burning calories. 

For the pool player, being around the pool table does not only entail standing, but you will need to bend over and take some shots while stretching the body. 

And because you need to take some clear shots, you will need to hold your position without support.

Understand that such a strenuous action will burn some calories and energy. 

5. It makes one engage in aerobics

If you never knew, a shooting pool will have you entering a sphere of exercise known as aerobics.

For those unaware, aerobics is fluid and fast movement, and you can find it here as shooting pool involves moving from standing to bending. 

All these aerobic movements you never noticed while playing pool help to increase one’s cardiovascular health and decrease blood pressure and chronic pain while regulating blood sugar. 

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On a general note, the question of can you can lose weight from billiards or shooting pool has a positive answer because, believe it or not, the little movements you make around the table impact your entire body.

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