How to Level a Table- A Guide to Self-Leveling

When it comes to leveling a table, we all get confused and have various questions about ‘how to level a table’ so that it looks proper and furnished.

Tables are a part of our lives; hence they are our companions in everything we do. For example, we need tables for eating food, keeping our books, accessories, etc. 

Another significant usage of tables is in games like billiards, pool, etc. So then, how can we level tables for these activities? Let’s have a look.

How to Level a Table – And Why It’s Important

It is essential to level a table to ensure the proper adjustment of the table legs. It prevents it from twisting and saves you from discomfort. Leveling a table can be easily simplified. Let’s have a look at how you can do it.

How to Level a Pool Table Slate?

A pool table must be leveled for all the balls to spread evenly across the surface. We can level a pool table in the following ways:

1. Fixing the Table Legs

We can start by fixing the table legs, and the answer to ‘how to level a table’ will become more apparent. Then, we can shape the table legs using a serrated knife.

2. Measuring the Midline

We can start by measuring the middle portion of the pool table slate. It is an easy way to avoid disproportions on the surface.

3. Measuring the Shorter Mid-Line

We can also turn to level in the opposite direction in the middle, straight to the long sides. Again, it helps you measure the side-to-side level of the table.

4. Using a Ball to Check the Balance

We can end off with the process by checking. First, we can throw a few balls to verify the proper table level. If not, we can repeat the steps above to ensure proper structure.

Still, many doubts arise in our minds whenever we walk about tables. Let’s divide our concentration into two types of tables – 1) Games Tables (used for games like pool, billiards, shuffleboard) and 2) Normal Tables (used for miscellaneous purposes)

Game Tables

We use these kinds of tables for our recreation. We enjoy playing games, and these tables help us create that indoor atmosphere. We can level different types of game tables.

Normal Tables

Standard tables are generally used for various purposes like eating, studying, keeping accessories, etc. They can be leveled with the help of chisels, serrated knives and other tools.

Whether a normal table or a table used for game purposes, leveling must be carried out for any table. Leveling provides it with smoothness in a balanced manner.

How to Level a Brunswick Pool Table?

A Brunswick pool table can be leveled with the use of solid craftsmanship. We might not be professionals, but with the help of shims and other tools, we can shape any table.


How to Level a Pool Table with Shims?


Shims are nothing but thin pieces of wood. They are used to adjust each particular slate section. With the help of shims and many other valuable tools, we can level up the surface of a table.

How to Level a Shuffleboard Table?

Normal shuffleboard has four to six adjusters. These can be, however, molded by tightening if they are loose. So we can start by leveling the cabinet and then adjusting the playing surface.

Minecraft Facts: How to Get a Level 30 Enchantment Table


Speaking of games, indoor games also include computer or mobile games nowadays. That’s why we have to add the enchantment table to the list of game tables. An enchantment table can be achieved by creating 15 bookshelves out of the block in the Minecraft game and then reaching the maximum level. That is level 30.

We can make this enchantment table by creating wood structures or other hefty material. Then we can create 15 bookshelves with the help of wooden boards. That’s how we get ourselves a level 30 enchantment table straight out of the Minecraft game.

Different Parts That Need Leveling

How to Level a Table

A table has many parts that need to be propped to achieve the target of proper leveling. Let’s have a glance at them.

1. Leveling a Tabletop:

Here is the answer to ‘how to level a table top’. We can successfully level a tabletop by using shims or sandpaper to rub across the surface until it blends. After that, it will become smooth and flat. If we don’t have those tools, we can take any sharp flat object and rub off excess wooden scraps.

2. Leveling a Table on an Uneven Floor:

‘How to level a table on an uneven floor’ – the solution to that is straightforward. We can use floor patch products for floors with dips, slanting issues, cracks and chipping problems. They are latex-based, ready-to-use chemical compounds that fill out the unevenness of the surface.

3. Leveling the Sides:

The sides of a table are most crucial because they form the structure. If any side is uneven or crooked, people may get hurt due to the sharpness. We can level up the sides of a table by using a serrated knife to cut the extras. Then we can rub some sandpaper on the edges to smooth them out.

4. Leveling Table Legs:  

Leveling table legs can be equally challenging and time-consuming. Speaking from personal experience, it takes a tonne of effort and skills. First, you must shape and carve the four legs equally and place them on the floor perfectly. This is essential to establish comfort and balance.

A specific technique, also called the leg-leveling technique, can carry out this process. Let’s dive in to know what it is.

What is the Leg-Leveling Technique?

The leg-leveling is no tough cookie. Stated it is the technique where the table legs are shaped to the same level. You must lay a sharp pencil down on the saw and trace a line around each leg. Then tracing each leg precisely to the line, you have to cut to the line. The structure will be equally balanced.

Now you know the solution to ‘how to level a table’ but by far, what is the best way to level a table?

Best Way to Level a Table: Quick and Easy

The best way to level a table simply and crisply is to level each surface. First, we have to level one layer, then add a ply and paste the adhesive to create another layer. This way, after layers of ply, we have to finally shape the edges with tools and level the table legs.

Instead of creating a table without any calculation and then leveling it, we can cut the ply into proper pieces. Then we can install it to avoid too many mistakes. When it comes to making furniture for your home, it is not about perfection.

But to level it correctly to maintain balance, we must avoid unnecessary mistakes. Mistakes will happen, and then again, we will have to plan and calculate the dimensions to get an almost perfect outcome. That is the best way to level a piece of furniture, in this case, a table.

To Summarize

There are many ways through which we can level a table. Different parts of a table can be leveled with various techniques. Whether a games table or a normal one, leveling is necessary for support, comfort and balance. This gives us the answer to the question – ‘how to level a table. The best way to level a table is to make proper dimensions to avoid mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do you level a large table?

Ans:- A large table can be leveled using a serrated knife or a fine wood saw. We can use a leveling tool, which is made of rectangular pieces and a tube of water in the middle. With this tool’s help, we can carve out extra amounts of material and make the surface flat.

2. How do you level a homemade table?

Ans:- The best way to level a homemade table is to add corner blocks to the table legs, as we do not possess high-end professional leveling tools. However, homemade tables can be made perfect if we analyze the dimensions correctly.

3. How do you fix an uneven table?

Ans:- Whether it is to fix an uneven level pool table or a normal wooden one, balancing out the table legs helps to reduce the uneven proportion. We can also flatten the table top by rubbing sandpaper over the surface.

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