Is It Illegal To Jump A Ball In Pool ?

The game of pool comes with specific rules, some of which fall between legal and illegal. However, the fundamental rules revolve around how to play and win.

Now, people have asked, “is it illegal to jump a ball in pool” and we will provide the correct answer to this question.

But first, be aware that some shots become complex as you get better at the game. Sometimes you may need to make a hit without hitting the other ball, which may result in you using this same controversial jump shot.

Jumping The Ball In Pool

So, “is it illegal to jump a ball in pool” While you can perform a jump shot if it is the only option available, they are only considered legal in an American-style pool as it entails striking the ball’s bottom.

In the English-style pool, jump shots are stated to be illegal. But there is a clause. It is legal if it is stated in the game’s rules.

It will be best in your interest not to see the jump shot as the same as scooping. For scooping, the ball is hit from under or its bottom to make it jump straight into the air. This is a foul.

And it must be understood that scooping is illegal in both English and American style pool.

What Does Jump Shot Mean?

Now that you know the answer to “is it illegal to jump a ball in pool?” it is time to understand the jump shot clearly. The jump shot is one of the shots played using your pool cue.

It is regarded as a quick shot made while the cue ball is in the air, and the player simultaneously tries hitting the ball as close to the ground as possible. Some people believe that players jump the ball without realizing it.

Each time you firmly strike the cue ball, it tends to leave the felt for a tiny period while moving in the direction of the object ball.

And since one’s stick is regularly at a low incline during regular shots, the impact of jumping is spread across long distances, thus, barely noticeable.

However, if a player elevates the cue stick’s rear end and carries out the same motion, they will see more air between the cloth and the cue ball. And right there, they have just jumped the ball in the pool.

Legally Jumping A Ball In Pool

As stated above, it is illegal to jump a ball in pool, but it is considered legal in an American-style pool. However, to legally make this jump in the American-styled pool, there is a specific approach to follow.

First, you must understand that while scooping is illegal on both fronts, players use it in their games. However, it is deemed illegal by pool sharks or in a tournament.

If you need to jump a ball in the pool legally, you must hit your cue ball using your pool stick from a high angle. This means your cue ball must be hit into the felt first before it jumps up.

 So, to have this accomplished, you have to elevate the back of your pool stick before striking the ball with a downward motion above the center plane.

Before you do this, remember that this tactic is more complicated than the scoop, and you have to practice it before making a move in a competitive game or public.

Remember that if you jump the ball illegally without having to hit it down the table felt first, it is a foul. And this will have you moshing your turn. In most games, here fouls mean an automatic win for your opponent.

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“Is it illegal to jump a ball in pool” Yes. But, there is a way to do it legally, which we have explained in this article. Ensure you read through to avoid losing your game.

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