Why Are Pool Tables So Expensive? Truth Behind the Hype in 2022

For the lovers of pool and those who can never ignore playing, have you tried buying a pool table before? If no, those who have will more than likely want to share with you their concerns on why pool tables are extremely expensive.

While you may think you may cut out the expenses by buying a used pool table, it will amaze you to note that a used one can cost up to one thousand dollars. So, if you are among those constantly asking “why are pool tables so expensive?”, this is your chance to know the reason.

Reasons why are pool/billiard tables so expensive

If you are among those asking “why are pool tables so expensive?”, the short answer is that the good ones among the pool tables make use of slate. These slates are capable of lasting a lifetime like the solid wood construction for the pool table.

Pool or Billiard tables are expensive because they are made from materials like slates and wood. They have creative designs and features like patented or leveled rail-anchoring systems or frame-joinery designs.

Pool tables are costly for lots of reasons and they include:

Materials used in the construction

One of the reasons why pool tables are expensive is that some of the tables are regarded as collector’s items while others are made using exotic materials.

Slates :

The playing surface of a pool table is around half the cost of a table. Slate has been used for over 2 centuries, and we’ve still not found a better playing surface. Pool requires precision, so the pool tables must be flat and level all across – otherwise balls will start doing strange things that make consistency impossible to achieve!

The average slate weighs approximately 450 pounds; transporting heavy pieces like this is one of the main reasons for its high price tag. Now consider other materials in relation to their cost contribution:

  • For example, green felt costs about $6 per square foot
  • Custom made pockets are very expensive because they’re custom designed specifically with your needs in mind

As we have stated above, pool tables are made with slates and these slates are a heavy form of rock. If you can take care of the slate tables properly, they will turn out to be an investment rather than an expense.

Very Good Quality Wood

Most pool tables are made of wood. Wood must be sturdy, but it should also be high quality. Unlike the slate, which is not as significant compared to the cost, this adds to a table’s price tag.

And while solid wood is the ideal choice, they are costly. Though there are cheap options like wood laminates and veneers, they will not last.


Another factor that contributes to pool tables’ prices is the hardware. If the slate was made of lightweight, fragile materials, it would not be able to stay in place on a wood frame, resulting in an uneven table. This is another factor that contributes to a pool table’s price.


Another major cost is the felt. The quality cloth will resist stains and can go for years without needing to be changed, which makes it more expensive. Pool Table Felt comes in a variety of colors, including green, blue, and red. Those are different prices. Good pool table felt generally retails for $150 to $200 in most cases.


Do you know what is Bumper pool ?Bumpers are also an important factor. The best bumper material is 100% rubber, while other synthetic rubbers can often be used, but they may affect how the ball bounces. It’s also normal for inferior bumpers to lose their elasticity over time.

Why Are Pool Tables So Expensive

The creative design

Aside from the materials used in the construction, some of the pool tables have pretty creative designs. This means that they come with features such as a leveled rail anchoring system, patented system, or a frame-joinery design.

These design features heighten the quality and thus, they end up being expensive. In simpler terms, pool tables are expensive because the creative designs used in creating them affects the price.

The style

The majority of the home tables come with three distinct pieces of slate and they are perfectly leveled for the balls to properly bounce.

More so, the bumper of the table must align in a straight manner with the pockets to make sure the balls bounce evenly all over the table. Note that, the slightest misalignment is capable of changing the ball’s trajectory.

In the end, this can either decrease or increase the cost of a pool table. In buying a pool table, you will need to consider your budget. Now, if you want to avoid spending so much, then it is best to purchase bar-style tables.

This type has a smooth surface for playing and comes with six holes plus four legs. But, the disadvantage is that it lacks both style and character.

The craftsmanship

For those who need a highly elegant pool table, then you will have to look at the craftsmanship of the brand.

Although the best pool table to buy is a brand new one, however, if the budget will be a problem, a second-hand table is fair. Some of these used tables are still in good condition and can also be a good investment.

The quality

Furthermore, there is also the option of purchasing high-end versions of these pool tables.

The high-end versions are more expensive than the stock options but more durable and of course, attractive. Although the custom-made pool tables will be more solid and last for more than ten years.

Nevertheless, the frame, rails, slate, and legs will have to be stable and sturdy. If any of its parts are unstable, it means it was not properly crafted or assembled.


The average pool table is sold for between one thousand two hundred dollars and three thousand five hundred dollars. The next time you ask why are pool tables so expensive, have it in mind that pool tables need quality wood for durability.

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