Why People Love Playing Pool: Three unbelievable reasons.

Would you believe it if you were told that playing pool poses was a bonding exercise between friends on the pool table?

Some individuals out there keep wondering why people love playing pool and cannot imagine why some have pool tables in their homes. It might interest you to note that there is more than meets the eye in the lovely game of pool.

And without much ado, we will be giving you the best reasons why anyone would enjoy this game.

Reasons Why People Play Pool

Some of the best reasons why people love playing pool are:

1.     It is both competitive and non-competitive

For those who hang out with friends to play pool, the game is non-competitive, even though a winner must emerge. However, the environment in which one plays the game is not stressful.

And friends get to laugh and joke around as they enjoy the game. The game of pool boasts mutual respect and enables people to develop more robust and deeper relationships.

Nevertheless, the competitive aspect of the game is that there are tournaments that take place. And even when these tournaments occur, especially with friends, it is fun and assists in releasing oxytocin in the human brain.

For those with that powerful competitive streak, a pool game helps them direct this interest.

2.    Pool challenges one cognitively

Another reason why people love playing pool is that it cognitively challenges them. For example, a Pool game entails trying to make the two balls get into the corner pocket. And if this has to happen, one will need to use their cue stick’s tip to hit the cue ball.

Now, you need to apply a bit of force to hit the cue ball in the right spot, so it rolls down the table, hits the two balls, and drops in the corner pocket. While this explanation may seem simple, it isn’t.

Even if the cue ball sends the two balls into the corner pocket, the shot does not end there. Instead, a cue ball may ricochet off the ball, hit the rail, and dart all over the table while some other balls are in its path.

The cognitive aspect that makes people love this game is that they need to apply geometry and force as each action has its opposite and equal reaction on that pool table.

In other news, each player will need a strategy as they get to the table. For example, a good player will need to know the order of his shots before the game even begins.

The pool player, especially professionally, is regarded as an intellectual genius.

3.    It is a game for relaxation

If there is one top reason why people love playing pool, it is the fact that they feel relaxed when playing this game. For those unaware, the game of pool assists in relieving stress.

You might be wondering how that works, but the truth is, playing pool helps stimulate your vagus nerve. Note that this nerve is responsible for controlling the parasympathetic nervous system.

So, when this nerve gets stimulated, it elevates one’s mood. In turn, when your mood is elevated, it leads to better sleep, your digestion becomes healthier, and you realize that there is a boost in your immune system.

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On a general note, if you have always wondered why people love playing pool, have all these reasons in mind, then proceed to the pool hall. While playing the game, you will realize that you feel much more relaxed and your cognitive skills have improved.

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