Top 5 Best Pool Cues: A Guide to Best Beginner Pool Cues.

When buying the ‘best beginner pool cues’ is concerned, we want the best in the market. It’s not about style or show-off; instead, it’s about our comfort and grip when we play our favorite sport of pool, snooker, or carom.

Whether man or woman, we all need comfortable cue sticks, either lighter ones or heavier ones, to play nicely.

Before knowing the top 5 best beginner pool cues, we must also see why we need them. Let’s understand why we should have our pool cue.

Best Beginner Pool Cues: Why Do We Need Our Pool cues?

Before beginning to understand why we need our pool cue, it is essential to know:

What is a pool cue?

A pool cue is a stick made up of a shaft, joint, and butt end used in games like pool, snooker, and carom.

What are the Different Types of Pool Cues in the Market?

There are a variety of cue sticks available in the market today. They can be used to play pool games, snooker games, or carom games.

As “jump cues” are not that popular with beginners, the following list lists the two main types of pool cues.

1. Pool cue that is one pieced:

The most common pool sticks are one-piece pool cues, which amateur players use in places like bars and pubs.

These cues contain a uniform taper that maintains the proper length of the shaft.

2. Pool cue that is two pieced:

Prevalent among professionals is the two-piece pool cue, which is a pool stick that can be easily dismantled.

Hence, it gives access to be transported easily for players who travel a lot.

A pool cue that is bifurcated into two pieces is generally higher in price than single pool cues.

However, beginners do not need to travel too much as they are amateurs. For practice, buying a one-piece pool cue is enough.

Is Buying a Pool Cue Worth It?

Buying a pool cue is worth it, considering there are so many functions of pool cue sticks: 

• Heightened performance

A good quality two-piece cue will always enhance the player’s performance. Professional pool players use pool cues to achieve their targets.

Higher quality cues are top cues that provide better spin and result in a great outcome.

• Consistency  

Though we buy a less costly two-piece cue, it still has a maximum degree of consistency to your sport.

Possessing a good cue will give you a solid grip and boost your confidence.

• Familiarity

Familiarity results from relentless practice. As we improve our skills and kick off on the higher ground, we understand our strengths and weaknesses. And also see the limitations of our pool cue.

• Portability

Though portability is not required to find the ‘best beginner pool cues,’ it is an essential factor in finding cues.

We need to have a cue stick that can be one of the most refined cues. Yet easily broken down to put in cue wrap-up for players who travel.

To understand the factors that affect the selection of pool cues, we need to know the parts thoroughly.

Different Parts of a Pool Cue

Different parts of a pool cue affect its capacity and performance. These parts play a huge role in making the cue easy to use and hold for beginners. They are:

1. Pool cue tips

The size that is considered standard of a pool cue tip is 12.50-13mm in diameter.

It is the best size for beginners. We can obtain good spin and play with the tip.

2. Shaft taper

A professional tapered shaft is a symbol of a beginner’s pool cue. This becomes the right pool cue for newcomers.

The diameter and shaft are 10 – 15 inches in size. Personal preference is also valid when choosing the “pro taper.”

3. Pool cue weight

A normal pool cue weighs around 19 ounces. That is the best weight to start playing pool if you have no idea.

Heavier cues are powerful, yet manipulating the speed of the cue ball can be difficult. 

Lighter cues do just the opposite. They are not so power-oriented, but they have a good grip on the speed factor.

4. Pool cue joints

The pool cue joint pin is what connects the shaft with the butt in a usual two-piece pool cue.

A two-piece pool cue is one of the most refined affordable cues. These cue sticks tend to be joined in two halves, which makes them easy to transfer by wrapping up.

5. Pool cue butt end

A pool cue butt end comprises good material like a hard or soft case. Also, the butt end of a beginner’s pool cue has to be made of a soft case so that it’s easy for the person to grip and play pool games.

Some pool cues have a flat butt. The belief is that the flattened end provides the cue with a stylish and comfortable hold.

They also offer a solid grip, and the sticks tend to produce great spin.

Factors Affecting the Selection of a Beginner’s Pool Cue

When it comes to selecting the ‘best beginner pool cues,’ we are left with several choices available in the market. But how to choose among them remains the biggest mystery.

Let us count down some factors that are important to look into when buying a beginner pool cue.

Pool cue design

As we said earlier, the pool cue design affects the performance a lot. Hence, we should look into the design.

People will notice you if your pool cue is elaborately designed.

This design adds a touch of customization for each individual player. As preferences are highly individualistic, cue sticks can really become equipment for positive self-expression.

There are five inspiring design choices most popular today:

• Solid colored scheme

A solid-colored scheme can be designed for players who prefer minimalism. You have to first select a background color.

Then we can add color patterns to provide the cue stick with a fuller look.

• Tribal-oriented

Tribal designed cues are generally found. There are two categories of tribal designs. Firstly, an inexpensive one that has no shine or apparent texture.

Typically, the more investment you make, the more artistic is your pool cue. But let us not forget that we can sometimes get a good deal even at lower prices.

• Sharp looking

Sharp inlay designs in a pool cue accentuate the leather tip, which gives an intimidating vibe.

This design piece generally has angled lines going up and down, giving it a fastidious look.

If the player enjoys speed in games and shots that sink high, this design is the right choice. It is both eye-catching and eye-candy.  

Everyone likes clean designs.

Hence, it stands up as one of the favorites among professional pool players.

• Personalized themes

Some people deem that themes in a pool cue are absolutely unwanted. For those who don’t mind a splash of theme in their cues or cue balls or cue features, it is alright.  

Playing pool games becomes more fun if we add thematic expressions to it.

• Customized

This inlay design is, in truth, the most fun and trendy one. In this case, a player has the remote of choice, and they can customize it.

We can customize a specific part of the cue stick or even the entire one, from top to bottom.

Customizing a pool cue can be pretty expensive as it requires a personalized design and not just any other.

2.    Size and weight

When buying a pool cue, we must take the size and weight into consideration.

A normal pool cue is 58 inches. It depends on the height of the person. Those who are taller can still use a 58-inch pool cue.

The weight of a pool cue must be between 19 and 20 ounces. For a beginner pool cue, it is suggested that one should start with a 19-ounce stick.

• Tip type

For buying a beginner pool cue stick, we should take into account the tip type or preference. There are three tip types- soft, medium, and hard.

Softer tips are good for many players. Hard angles are compelling and challenging to control.

For beginners, a pool cue that is balanced is needed. It can achieve a good spin and is also hard enough to regulate.  

3.    Budget

For a beginner, spending too much money on your first pool cue of decent quality is unessential.

Questions like how much to spend on a pool stick?

How to buy it?

Or what factors to consider rage in our mind.

If you are a beginner and want similar cues as pros with better control, prices will rise.

However, we can have sound pool cues and start playing even with a decent and low budget.

A good quality cue for a beginner can cost between 100-200$. However, if you are just starting to play but want to practice more, you can get an advanced pool. These have “low deflection” shafts.

What is low deflection?

Low deflection is a process aided by the shaft, which has less weight or mass. This helps the cue ball to spin faster and more naturally towards the goal.

4.    Balance points

The balance point of a cue stick is one of the most excellent cue features. It usually is the center of gravity on which the stick is balanced.

For a beginner, a decent balance point is essential. An amateur wouldn’t be able to handle an unstable center of gravity.

Inertia can be affected by the balance point. Imbalances in weight can impact the cue ball spin. 

5.    Materials

The prioritized material for pool cue sticks is hard rock maple wood. Other kinds of wood such as rosewood, zircote, etc. can be found.

We can also get cues made of components like aluminum, fiberglass, or even plastic.

What is the best material for pool cues?

There is no “best” material for manufacturing a pool cue. It is thoroughly arguable amongst pool players.

If you go by the majority, wood is the leader in this case.

Wood has been there for a long time, and it will persist even with the use of other materials.

6.    Wrap type

A pool cue wrap helps to protect the stick from any sort of damage or destruction.

As a beginner doesn’t have much experience with a pool cue, he or she must opt for a wrap-up. It’s better than a wrapless cue.

What is a cue wrap?

Pool cue wraps act as a shield to protect the cue. It is designed to give a better grip. If you go to a local bar, then you don’t need one. But if you are a beginner at playing, you need it.  

Cue wraps normally range between 13-14″ in length. They can be made from three different wrap materials. They are: 

• Rubber

Pool cue wraps made up of rubber give the most excellent grip. So for beginners who want a tight and secure grip on the stick.

They are relatively cheap than other materials. Rubber bumper is also prevalent.

• Leather

These cue wraps are made up of premium leather and good leather tip. Two essential types of leather pool cue wrap: standard and stacked.

Traditional leather wraps have one single leather sheet, while stacked one has multiple sheets.

 • Irish linen

Irish linen cue wraps act as a natural force in the world of a pool cue. It offers beyond-the-sky designs and a luxury feel. They can be slippery because of their softness which makes them a little less popular.

7.    Joint type

The standard type is an important thing to check when buying cues. This joint connects the two halves of the whole cue together. Widely accepted joints are 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, and Uni-Loc.

8.    Warranty

When we talk about selecting top pool cues for beginners, we want the best. It has to have a good warranty.

Pool cues that are pricy and crafted with good material come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Those who are inexpensive generally don’t come with a lifetime guarantee. They are usually placed in local bars and have average length.

Cue’s weight and size vary from price to price.

These are the few factors that must be considered for buying pool cues for beginners. Now, what type of cue should we buy after matching all these above-mentioned points? Let’s peep in.

Buying guide for beginners 

Best Beginner Pool Cues.

Here is a guide that will help you find the ‘best beginner pool cues’ by matching all points.

1.    Soft pool cue case versus complex pool cue case

Before diving into the two significant types of cue cases, let us understand what a cue case is. A cue case is a bag that is used to cover a pool cue for carrying it.

• Soft pool cue case

Buying a soft case has many advantages. People are fond of them because the fabric is more delicate and smoother.

You can unzip the issue in a sophisticated manner.  

A soft cue case can be flexed and shown off. You can fold it into halves and display it when there are no cues kept.

The material is not rigid, and it is lightweight, which is a plus point if you want to travel.  

For a beginner, much traveling isn’t needed, and for the sake of cost-cutting, a soft case isn’t essential.

• Hard pool cue case

We should never compare a complex pool cue case with a soft one. This case is likely to be very hard and powerful.

It protects the pool cue from any sort of harm. Unlike a mild case, a hard point doesn’t fold that naturally.

For a beginner, a complex cue case is a better choice because it protects the stick at any cost. And as a newcomer, the first and foremost priority should be the protection of the cue stick.

2.    Rubber grip design versus Ergonomic grip design

Pool cues have a rubber grip design as well as an Ergonomic grip design. Let’s have an idea which one is suitable for a beginner.

• Rubber grip design for a pool cue

A rubber grip design for a pool cue stick is very standard. The design is made out of rubber, and the grip is more or less good.

However, rubber grip can cause slips, and we need to be careful so as not to break the cue.

• Ergonomic grip design for a pool cue

An Ergonomic grip design allows the player to take the feel of the cue to the maximum level.

It comes with a smooth grip and enhances the flow of the game with better control at the cue ball spin.

For a beginner, this grip design is preferable as it provides the player with comfort and security. There is also no chance of dropping the cue stick and breaking it.

To summarize, we can say that the buying guide helps us with the pros and cons of different aspects.

A quick summary of the best pool cue for beginners

This is a quick peek at the top 5′ best beginner pool cues’ that you can buy as per your choice.

IgnatGames 2-pieces pool cue stick: The best selling pool cue.

Pathline pool cue stick: The best pool cue for accuracy and consistency in shots.

Garsen 4-piece pool cue stick: The best value for a money pool cue.

Viking Valhalla 100 series with Irish linen wrap 2-piece pool cue stick: The best performance pool cue.

• AB Earth 2-piece pool cue/pool stick: The best long-service life pool cue.

Top 5 best beginner pool cues: classy and sturdy

Let’s learn a few things about our top picks of ‘best beginner pool cues.’


1. IgnatGames 2-pieces pool cue stick:


Product Description:

From beginners to professionals, both can take advantage of this value for money and beautiful pool cue set. It is made up of hard rock maple, which consists of a 13mm tip.

The wood-to-wood joints enhance the player’s game and give a rounded hit. These cues can satisfy beginner’s choices.

Essential features:
• Product dimension

The dimension of this pool cue is 81.79 x 10.67 x 8.89 cm, which makes it long.

• Weight

1.41 Kilograms is the weight of this pool cue.

• Excellent grip
The black leather around the cue gives it a reliable and sturdy grip.
• Easy to mount

It is straightforward to mount because the joint and pin are made of wood.

• Long-lasting

Just because it is made of durable hard maple, it can help the cue last longer and keep it damage-free.

• Enhanced accuracy

The accuracy of the pool game is heightened because of the premium 13mm 6-layer tip made of leather.

As a whole:

If high-tech cue with the goodness of intricate detailing is your cup of tea, look no further. This cue is the perfect blend of stylish and reliable.

2.Pathline pool cue stick:


Product Description:

The best levels of material and technology are used to make this pool cue. The maple is black and stained. Many designs of different colors like turquoise and black are available.

Essential features:
• Product dimension:

This cue’s dimension is around 58 inches, along with a softened leather tip that ranges from 13-14mm.

• Weight

The weight of this pool cue is around 0. 75 kilograms.

• Professional tip

This has a professionally done tip that is also laminated. It is for controlling cue balls with skilled performance.

• High performance

These cues are straight, which gives off a high-performance kind of game, and beginners are super thrilled.

• Charismatic graphic

Designs available on these cues are supremely unique and eye-catching, which makes amateur players feel confident.

• Strong and sturdy

In terms of strength and sturdiness, this pool cue wins. The shaft is long and the wood used is strong with incredible tensile strength.

As a whole:

The tip is excellent, the materials used are sturdy, and there’s straightness to it.

3. GARSEN 4-pieces pool cue stick


Product Description:

It is made of leather and has a painting that is hand-drawn all over the pool cue. This pool cue is straight and good-looking.

Essential features:
Product dimension:

This cue has dimensions of ‎31.25 x 4.25 x 2.75 inches.


The weight of this cue is somewhere around 2. 45 kilograms.

Professional looking:

As mentioned beforehand, the unique drawings scattered all over the stick give us professional yet classy impressions.

Great value:

This pool cue stick is a 4-piece set, but according to the price, it’s a great value given to the buyers.


These are good-looking and well made. They seem varnished and designed with precision and accuracy.

Perfect roll:

They are sturdy. Hence, they give the perfect amount of force that is needed for a perfect roll of the cue ball.

As a whole:

The tip is good, and the richness is multiplied with hand-drawn paintings. The weight of the cue is workable for home use and also in local bars and restaurants.

4. Valhalla 100 series with Irish linen wrap 2-piece pool cue stick


Product Description:

The leather tip is 13mm, and that’s why ball control is no big deal. It has a ready-for-action look with a shaped end. Metal is mixed in the shaft, which gives us security and a sound locking system.

Essential features:
Product dimension:

‎The dimension of this cue is somewhat 30 x 2 x 1.25 inches.


It weighs about 0. 54 kilograms and is easy to hold.

Good quality:

This pool cue reaches you in perfect shape. It is assumed that it meets the high standards of quality and accuracy.

Amateur friendly:

From hardened professional players to amateurs, this cue works for all. The quality is excellent, and it impacts playability.

Colour options:

There are altogether seven color options available for this cue. The premium finish wood is coated in the favorite color of your dreams. It’s every player’s wish.

Irish linen wrap

As compared to a wrap less cue, we all know a wrapped cue is better. And it is all the better if it’s Irish linen wrap. This gives the cue a reliable grip and provides security to the player.

As a whole:

This cue cracks up your sport a notch, whether you are a pro or an amateur. This pool cue, with its startling color options and reliable grip, is worth the money.

5. AB Earth 2-piece pool cue/pool stick:


Product Description:

This pool stick is affordable and also has a good spin. With a wooden built shaft, this cue works nicely with beginners at home.

Essential features: 
Product dimension: ‎
The product dimension is around 32.3 x 7.6 x 2.8 inches.

The weight of this cue stick is 4.06 kilograms, and it has tips that are screwed.

Service life:

This has a long service life and comes with an elaborate warranty.


It saves a lot of time as the tips can be reattached within nine minutes.

Naturally drying:

The material, that is, hard maple wood, acts as a drying agent naturally.

Unique looking:

It has a good design which attracts people, and the feel of it is good.

As a whole:

This cue is average but is one of the best for beginners in a low price range. It has a good grip and is suitable for the home.

These are the top 5 best pool cues for beginners that they can use to level their skills up.

Read our another article about Top 10 Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players.

In a Nutshell: 

This article gives you a detailed view of how to choose a pool cue for beginners. It also tells you about the ‘best beginner pool cues’ that can help them. It’s a self-guide to choosing your option clearly.


1. How much should I spend on my first pool cue?

Ans: It totally depends on you. It’s recommended to plan a low budget for your first cue for practice.  

2. What weight pool cue should I get?

Ans: You should ideally get a pool cue weighing around 19 ounces.

3. What size shaft do most pros use?

Ans: Most pros tend to use cues that are between 56-57 inches.

4. Do you lose distance with a shorter driver shaft?

Ans: Yes, we can lose distance with a shorter driver shaft as it gives a good ball spin.









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