Top 10 Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players: Play Like a Champion

See, a variety of pool cues are available on the market. But what if you are an advanced player? What if you are unaware of the Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players?  

What if you don’t have any idea about what cues can be suitable for you? How to find the best type of pool cue? 

Have you ever got a chance to think about this? Some of you may have wondered. And it may happen that some of you have never thought of this.

But it’s so meaningful. And this is a reason why we are making an article on it. It will help you a lot and be enough for you. We request you go through every line to get the best result. This article will show you the Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players.

You may have gone to so many places or websites to search for your answer. But if you didn’t get any fine details, we must say you have visited the right place. 

Why Pick the Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players? 

Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players
Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players

If you think you are no longer a beginner or intermediate pool player, you must be very serious about picking the Best Pool Cues for Advanced Players.  

Every successful advanced player has the necessary accommodation to give the best productivity. Not only power and accuracy, but an advanced player also generates high-quality cue design to win matches.

You have to upgrade the pool cue stick with a more skilled one to get a better pool ball experience.

Suppose you have a rookie-type keyword, and you are using it. So you must understand that it can be fitted for a player on an intermediate or beginner level.

But it can not help you at the time when you are at a high skilled or high competitive level of the pool game. Does it seem easy to understand to you?

Are you wondering why you should get the best pool cues for advanced players and why you should check this content out? Well, we have answers for you.

What you have to do is to hold patience until we end up.

So basically, the biggest problem with a wrong pool cue is that it can lead you to several miscues during the match.

However, a pool table cue may help you for a better hit, while the wrong one may be the reason for missing one.

We think these two notable points are not only enough but more than enough to get a suitable pool cue stick.

We will add a list from the following heading or stanza. You may review the top 10 cue sticks and decide what to purchase. Now, let us move to the very next stanza.

Best Pool Cue for a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Player  

Do you know that there are uncountable pool cues available on the market? Every piece of pool cue stick is good in its way.

But how to choose one among them? It’s an essential thing to understand and discuss. Pool players have three types. Some of you may already guess what those three types are.

Still, let us tell you about them. They are firstly a type of beginner players. They must choose the best pool cues for a new player.

Secondly, the intermediate type of players and have chosen the best pool cue for intermediate players. The third one is advanced players.

According to us, you should get introduced to these three types of players. A brief description has been provided in the next section for the reader’s convenience. 

Beginner Pool Player  

We all started to play pool games as a beginner. We all know the word ‘beginner.’ It is known as the beginning when we start to do something for the first time.

Cue sticks matter a lot in a match. For example, a beginner will not be able to play with a cue stick for advanced players. So, you must choose the best affordable pool cues for beginner players.

Would you like to get some ideas on how to choose cues for you? If yes, then let’s know.

While you will go to purchase a beginner-level cue, you must look carefully at the first 5 to 10 inches of the stick.

You have to understand whether the stick is hard enough to withstand a forceful impact or not.

And one more point you should notice about that. And it is that you have to make sure that the cue stick is well balanced or not. If it is not well balanced, it may hurt your arm.

Here is the list of a few best beginner pool cues; take a glance if you are interested.

  • Crimson MapleC 96.
  • Birds Eye Rock Maple Sneaky Pete.
  • McDermot Lucky L9.
  • Cuesoul 58.
  • Vikings’ Valhalla.

So, we have suggested a few cues for the beginner players. You may check them via online platforms or shops.

Intermediate Pool Player 

Players who don’t play as beginners or pro players can be called intermediate pool players.

Foremost, candidates must know what type of player they are. Only then can they choose the best suitable cues for them.

And your playing skill should be checked by yourself. No one can do it perfectly but yourself.

So many questions may come to your mind, and one of them is how to choose a perfect cue stick for an intermediate pool player.

Do you have the willingness to get a solution? We hope so. Therefore we are getting some notable points in this section for you. We hope you are interested in going through it.


The topmost thing that you should know or check while buying pool cues for intermediate pool players is to check their quality.

Tell me one thing. Do you want a product that will not provide good performance? No right? So always go for a stick with premium quality and a smooth design.

To check its smoothness, you can simply touch the stick from its starting till the end. Thus you can feel whether it is rough or smooth. If it is rough, it might be considered low standard quality.

Rings of the Pool Cues:

You must not forget to check the rings of the sticks. Always check the rings to see if they have any bubbles near them or not. If bubbles exist, then you must not buy the product.

As several types of bubbles are on the rings, choosing metal rings is always recommended. It will give you an excellent finish.

Weight of the Product:

No one can entirely be focused on their goals until we find it comfortable. So always measure the weight of it.

The lighter cues you will have, the better it will be. And most importantly, you can manage the speed of the play by having a lighter product.

Product’s Color:

You may wonder how a product’s color can affect a game. But speak honestly.

Would you not like it if your cues look best/ different from others? Of course, you will.

You can realize how a fun cues design or a light-colored cue may attract your attention and affect your gameplay.

Don’t you want to know what are good pool cues? So those who want to get the top 5 best pool cues for intermediate players may check the list below.

  • PureX by Players Technology Series HXT15
  • Viper Revolution Spider Cue.
  • McDermott Lucky L65 Leprechaun Cue.
  • Cuesoul Soocoo Series Cue.
  • Viper Sinister Pool Cue.

A 2 piece pool cue is also perfect for intermediate pool players. It is made of 2 pieces which means it has a mid joint.

As a benefit, you can fold it and keep it in a safe place when you are not about to use it.

But many professionals have commented that two-piece pool cues don’t have that feeling as a one-piece cue.

Advanced Pool Player  

After crossing the beginner and intermediate levels, one can become an advanced pool player.

They are also known as Pro Pool Players. They use cues different from others. They always go for cues that are more unique and well-designed than others.

As they have reached the advanced level, they must be different from other players.

Sometimes they used to change their equipment by looking at their playing results and their feelings.

Some of them obey the advice they get from their sponsors. Not only that, there are a few specific brands that professionals use.

A few brand names are Kamui, Le Pro, and Elk Master.

For more than 20 years, Predator has been manufacturing pool game items.

So we must add it as one of the best brands.

You may check their products and then ensure to get it or not.

Do you know that many pro pool players use the sue tips by examining their size, weight, hardness, etc.?

You have to decide what can suit you and your game.

Every brand has its specification, but you are the one who needs to think about what to buy.

Pro players choose to use cues of 19 to 19.5 ounces.

They use this technique. According to them, a lightweight cue can help them move the stick as fast as they want.

Now let’s review the top 10 best pool cues for advanced players and check their features.

Our Top Picks

You can check our top picks when you are ready to pick the best Pool Cue Stick or Billiard Cue Stick to improve your game without breaking the bank. Our detailed research ensures your buying journey to the next level. 

Here are our top picks, which you can check before buying.

  • Viking Valhalla 100 Series with Irish Linen Wrap 2 Piece 58” Pool Cue Stick
  • CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″ 19oz Maple Pool Cue
  • 25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue, Black
  • Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

I’ve included Our Top Picks (4 Items) in this table along with an additional 6 high-end products that our research team has found.

Here are detailed specifications.

1.Viking Valhalla 100 Series with Irish Linen Wrap 2 Piece 58” Pool Cue Stick, Billiard Cue Stick, Bar or House Use for Men or Women

We want to add this product as the top best pool cue for advanced players. You must be thinking about why they do so. So, let us explain to you why we have done so.

First of all, It can be used by both males and women. It has no gender basis. There are a lot of facts about it that you need to take a look at quickly.

We are about to mention its features in the mentioned stanza.

Experts make this Viking Valhalla. It has been designed for both playing and shooting. Everyone has their styles and choices.

So they must purchase a cue that matches their style. And Viking Valhalla is a brand that offers more than 100 different colors and designs.

Viking Valhalla is used to check the product’s quality if it matches high-quality standards. They don’t ship the products.

The professionals check their quality. Before delivering it to the customer, they used to roll it, assemble it, and scrutinize it very carefully.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: Overall length of Viking Valhalla is 58.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: The weight of this pool cue stick is available from 18-21. That means you may order one 18 oz or get one 19 oz. 20 or 21 oz are also available. So you can also get that as per your choice.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): It is created by hard tips.
  • Cost: One can buy it for only in $ 100.99. So if your budget is in this range, go for it now.
  • Wrap Type: The Viking Valhalla 100 Series with Irish Linen Wrap 2 Piece 58″ Pool Cue Stick is two-piece wrapped.
  • Joint Type: This product is joined by stainless steel.
  • Brand: The brand name of this product is Viking, and the manufacturer is Viking.
  • Color: The color of any item is essential in a sense. We all get attracted to colors and designs. So as a reader, you should know what its color is. So the color of this cue stick is Autumn Orange.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer has given this product of lifetime warranty. What can be better than this? Nothing can. Do you want to know what the secret to its longevity is? It is made of maple wood and can last very long.

However, we value the reviews from customers a lot. Therefore we want you to know its customer rating on amazon.

People have rated it 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

2.CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″ 19oz Maple Pool Cue

Here, we will describe the details of the Cuesoul Soocoo Series Maple Pool Cue. There is only some company that makes the best pool cues.

We think you should know that this is one of the best makers company in the industry.

Though this is considered a cheap model, it has been made with fascinating design and outstanding performance.

You can’t match the price with its performance.

One of the most important reasons for this product’s highest rating is its durability. There is a secret about its long-lasting.

The launcher used material of high grade.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: You will get the pool cue size of the product of 11.5 mm. The product is specially selected for Canadian Maple Cue Shaft with a 29-inch length.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: The product’s actual weight is 4.3oz/121g.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): It has been made by stiff fiber cue tip with the leather tips of 6 layered.
  • Cost: You must invest $59.99 – $177.28 for this product, and it’s the official price of this pool cue.
  • Wrap Type: Strong unbreakable plastic has been used to make it, wrapped in pleather.
  • Joint Type: The cue joint is of steel (stainless) and stainless rocket pins.
  • Brand: The brand name of the mentioned pool cue is Cuesoul.

3.25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue, Black

One must be happy to know that it is helpful for every player. You do not need to worry about your skills to order it.

Both beginners and experienced players may use it comfortably. Another thing that will make you happy about the product is that it is not highly costly.

The cue is a three-piece heavy hitter. Those who like heavier cues than light weights may love it. So please check the features of it in detail.

If you have time to check it, you may scroll down a bit.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: The size of this cue is 25 ounces, while the length is 14mm.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: It comes with a super heavyweight. Do you want to know its weight? The weight of the stick is 25 ounces.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard):It is created by hard tips.
  • Cost: By investing $ 122, you can get it as yours. Order it now.
  • Wrap Type: This cue stick is wrapless. The handle of this is wrapless matte black.
  • Joint Type: It is joined with a double turbo lock and is quickly released.
  • Material: You may want to know the material of this item. So let us tell you it is wooden.
  • Brand: Rage Cues is the official brand name of the cue.
  • Product’s color: If you love black, go for it. The color of this item is black, which is attractive.
  • Manufacturer: Cue and Case is the manufacturer of Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue.
  • Sport Type: The cue tip is perfect for playing with billiards. So it’s a billiard sport type.
  • Country of Origin: The original country to make this is China.

Amazon customers have given it a 4.7 rating out of 5.

4.Players Technology Series HXT15 Two Piece Pool Cue

Though we have added this item for advanced players, intermediate-level players may also use it. The structure has been made for both intermediate and advanced players.

You do not need to worry about this budget; the budget is so friendly. It has many colors and designs, just like all the other top-ranked pool cues.

Just like the best playing pool cues, it is also very demanding. A vast number of players have chosen it as their favorite. It is excellent to use and at the same time not very expensive.

You may want to know why this item is listed as top-ranked. And we are also ready to answer you. One of the reasons is its material quality. The material quality of this cue has made it a masterpiece.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: Its size is 18 oz.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: 1 pound is the ultimate weight of it.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard: It is created by hard tips.
  • Rating on Amazon: 4.6/5
  • Joint Type: Stainless steel is the joint type. And the butt cap has a slimline.
  • Brand: This item is a brand product of Purex.
  • Country’s origin: It originated in China.
  • Launcher: This item has been launched by Cue and Case.

Apart from our top picks, our research team brings another premium product for professional pool players to explore the highest passion of the game.

5.Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks – Professional Quality for Commercial Or Residential Use (4 or 8 Cues)

A Player’s set of 1 piece pool cue sticks is an excellent choice of best players’ pool cues. This is a reason for adding this to the list as one of the Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players.

Those who want to use a cue for commercial use may find it ideal. It comes with atmospheric protection. You can also assume it is a reason for its longevity.

The finish of the stick is so glossy including long-lasting. The cue base is surrounded by a linen ring which protects the stick from cracking.

If one wants to invest in a cue, one may buy it. They may consider it their best decision.

Not only these, but you may also find some more exciting details about it. But it is not possible until you check its features. So let’s have them in the mentioned section.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: The pool cue’s length is 58,” and the size is ‘4/8 cues.’ 4 cues options are included 18 oz, 19 oz, 20 oz, and 21 oz.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: The packaged weight of the item is 2.77 kilograms.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): It is created by hard tips.
  • Cost: You can buy it for $147.
  • Wrap Type: Irish linen is the type of its wrap.
  • Brand: The brand is named ‘Players.’ It’s the brand of this pool cue.
  • Manufacturer: Not only the brand but also the manufacturer is ‘Players’
  • Material Type:

It has got a 4.7 rating out of 5. You may ask the platform for its rating. So you should know that it is the customer rating of Amazon.

6.REDLEK Pool Cue Set of 4 | 1 Piece 58” Pool Sticks with Pool Chalk | Hardwood Canadian Dried Maple Billiard Cue 20 Oz with 13mm Tip | House Bar Billiard Accessories

It is perfect for you if you are searching for a professional pool cue. We have added it as one of its tradition’s top 10 best pool cues.

There is no worry about its durability as it is made of Canadian maple wood. And Canadian maple wood is excellent.

The deflection ferrule has been used in it. It increases the accuracy and decreases deflection.

As it is a high-quality pool cue, breaking it will not be easy. Only a few manufacturers provide rubber caps for the cue. And this is one of them which has a rubber cap. And it is the reason for its durability.

Let’s not waste more time and go through its features. Through the feature point, you may know it better.

  • Warranty: It has one year of warranty.
  • Pool Cue Length and Size: The cue is 13mm.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: The packaged weight is 20 oz.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard)
  • Item’s color: The color is available of dark brown and light brown.
  • Brand: Redlek is the brand name of this cue.

7.Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick

Most experienced pool players desire to buy Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick. The demand for the cue is so high because of its unique features.

One thing you can notice yourself if you have seen the cue. You will fall in love at first sight after seeing its finishing.

Lucasi Custom is a famous brand. And it is known to every pool lover. They always try to make something unique.

The model we are discussing is one of the best for its performance. Tiger Everest is the tip of this model.

  • Pool Cue Length and Size: 18-21 oz is the size of the pool cue. You can choose 18 oz/ 19 oz/ 20 oz or 21 oz.
  • Weight: The weight of it is only 2 pounds.
  • Product’s Warranty: You can return the product within 30 days if any occur. And with that, you will have one year as a warranty period.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): The tip of it is Tiger Everest Tip which is medium.
  • Cost: $438.31 is the original price of it.
  • Wrap Type: It’s wrapless.
  • Joint Type: Quick released uni- loc joint.
  • Material Of The Cue: Cocobolo and bocote with maple handle are the cue material.
  • Brand: The brand of the item is Lucasi Custom.

8.KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick Professional Cues (Full Carbon Technology Low Deflection Billiard Cue Stick,12.5mm,147cm)

This is one of our best suggestions as the Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players. We want all of you to take a glance at it.

We will not disappoint you with fake reviews. The points that we are discussing throughout the entire content are valid.

Anyone who is going to purchase a pool cue must review the best products first. Only then can they purchase the right one that is suitable for them.

  • Cue Length: The length of the product is 180cm.
  • Size: It is of 12.5 mm shaft of carbon fiber.
  • Weight of the Item: Konllen carbon fiber pool cue stick is 19-20 oz.
  • Tip Preference: It has a yellow-type tip.
  • Type of the Tip: It has a tip that is hard.
  • Price of the Cue: The price of the item is $299. You can purchase the product instantly from Amazon.
  • Material Quality: High quality.
  • Joint Type: The joint of the product is 3/8*8 teeth.
  • Brand: Konllen is the brand name.

9.Viper Revolution Spider 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

We have described so many cues as the best cue stick. But the moment you see Viper Revolution Spider Cue for the first time, you will fall in love with its fantastic look.

So, many want it as their cue for its beautifulness. Not only the looks, but it is also best for its performance.

You should not go for it only for its performance. You must look at its features included below.

We are sure that you are hurriedly waiting to know something more about it. So what stopped you from doing that? Just scroll down and find each detail.

  • Cue Material: Hard Canadian maple is the material of this cue stick.
  • Length and Size: The length of the Viper Revolution Spider is 13mm, while its available size is from 18 oz to 21 oz. You can choose one of these.
  • Weight of the Pool Cue: This pool cue’s weight is 1.25 pounds.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): Le pro leather is the tip of this cue, and its density is hard.
  • Cost: You can buy it by investing $94.08 – $206.66.
  • Wrap Type: the wrap of the item is siliconized infused felt.
  • Joint Type: It has stainless steel joints that protect it.
  • Brand: Viper by GLD Products is the brand of Viper Pool Cue.
  • Warranty Period: The warranty period has been set for three years.

10.Cuetec Prestige Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

We need to think and check the product’s durability before purchasing. So we think we should inform you about this particular fact.

Therefore, we assure you that it lasts for a long time. It is made of polycarbonate ferrule, which is the secret to its durability.

The official brand of this Pool Cue is Cuetec. And do you know about Cuetec? Cuetec is considered to be the most popular cue in the world. Now, check the mentioned details if anything is necessary.

  • Item Color: The color of this cue is pearl white, which is fantastic.
  • Pool Cue Length and Size: The available size is from 18 oz to 21 oz.
  • Manufacturer: Cuetec is the manufacturer of it.
  • Tip Preference (Soft, Medium, or Hard): It has a multi-layered tip of Tiger Everest. The tip of it is hard.
  • Type of Material: Canadian Maple is its material type of cues.
  • Wrap Type: This product is not specified with any wrap.
  • Joint Type: It has a black vertex grip and implex but a cap with collar joint.
  • Brand: Its brand is Cuetec.

Get the Product on Amazon:

What Pool Cue Length to Get?

The average size of a pool cue is 57. If you are searching for a stick to play eight pools, you must use a stick of 1.39m to 1.44m, i.e., 55-57 inches.

There are a lot of manufacturers who produce pool cues. And they made it up to 58 inches. But professionals or advanced players used to play with a 57 inches stick.

According to pro players, 56-57 inches cues are perfect. So you should get the cue of 56/57 inches length.

What Weight of Pool Cue to Use?

Mainly there are two types of pools. One is an American pool, and another is an English pool. If you play American pool, you should get a pool cue of 18.5 to 21 ounces.

On the other hand, if you play English pool, you are suggested to get 17 ounces to 19 ounces cue.

Professionals use heavier cues than beginners. According to some pros or professionals, they can get more speed and action on the ball with the heavy stick.

How Much Does a Decent Pool Cue Cost?

The price of the pool cues is highly dependent on your playing skill. You may ask how a player’s level determines the cue’s play.

Let us answer you. If you do not know much about the game, you must understand that you are a beginner player. And in this situation, you can buy a cue which is not very qualities.

And beginner-level pool cues can be bought for $100-150. At the same time, advanced players may not find it suitable.

Then must buy a higher quality cue, made with better quality. And thus, they may have to spend $300-500 on a cue.

What are the Best Pool Cue Brands?

Not only one pool cue brand is on the market. Several manufacturers are there who make pool cues. Some of them are Viking, Cuesoul, Rage Cues, Purex, Players, etc.

How To Find Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players and  Buyers Guide?

When you are planning to buy the best pool cue, you need to focus on the following parameters. I’ve tried to cover the pool cue buyers guide with all the necessary factors that improve your knowledge, experience, and strategy toward buying.

1) Overview

For any billiard or pool player, cue sticks are the essential equipment. This is considered to be the significant link between you and the game.

Multiple pool cues are available on the market, but which is to be chosen by us? It’s a question. And we want you to get answered by taking a review. So let’s flow with us.

2) American or British

Mainly there are two types of pool cues. The first is American Spec Cue, while the second is British Spec Cue. You have to choose among them.

However, it is not a big deal. It’s pretty simple. If you are an American Pool Player, then choose the first one. And in case you are a British Pool Player, you should definitely choose British Spec Cue.

3) Length

The standard length of a Cue is 57-58 inches. And most professionals used to choose a 57 inches cue.

4) 1pc, 2pc or 3pc

The Cue will be either one piece/ 2 pieces or three pieces. You have to make decisions about what to choose. If you choose two or 3-piece cues, you should check its joint material.

5) Joint

Cues come either 1/ 2 joint or 3/ 4 joint. Some come with two pieces and are joined with a position of three quarters.

6) Butt Extensions

Most of the cues have butt extensions. There is a thread at the butt’s end, and it will assist you in fitting butts. Most of the butts are made of wood.

7) Weight

One of the most important things is that you should choose a cue of the right weight. You may buy light-weighted cues or heavily weighted cues, or medium-weighted cues. Most cues are 18-21 oz. You have to examine which goes with you.

8) Tips

According to us, you need to choose a cue for a permanent tip setting. But you can also change it to examine its size and Hardness. And after an experiment, you can set a tip that seems suitable for you.

10) Tip Hardness

Mainly three practical tips are there. They include a Softer tip, Medium tip, and Harder tip. You may set a suitable Cue tip for your skills or levels.

11) The Splice

If you entirely focus on your Cue, you will find a section where the shaft and butts are connected. And precisely, this connection is called Splice. The shaft is a maple, and the butts are heavier wood than the shaft.

12) Storage & Care

As we care about our loved ones, we also need to take care of them. But it is not a care of every day or every time. We can oil the Cue with linseed oil once a year.

13) Tip Replacement

If you want to replace the cue tip, you may have to follow the given procedures.

  • First, you must choose the tip’s exact size from the replacement cue tips.
  • Then, take a sharp knife and cut it against the ferrule.
  • After that, apply cue tip cement on the cue tip’s underside.
  • After applying that, you must hold it tightly for at least 15 minutes.
  • At last, shape it with a cue tip shaper.

Best Pool Cue for Intermediate Players

Though there are a lot of pool cues that are suitable for intermediate players, we still want to suggest you one pool cue.

And we hope it will be best for you if you are an intermediate-level player. So are you ready to check that at a glance?

“Players Technology Series HXT15 Two Piece Pool Cue.”

You can go for this cue without any hesitation if you are between a beginner and a pro. We can call it the best pool cue for intermediate players.

Best Pool Cues for New Player

Are you wondering about starting a pool ball game? If yes, you must know the best pool cue for new players. Pool game is a highly competitive game of all time. So it’s not that easy to start the game. You have to understand the game and its equipment better.

There are three level players. Players need to choose the pool cue for each level as per their skill or level. As you are new, it means you are at a beginner’s level. So you have to buy a stick which is made for you.

Though many pool cues are available in the market, you can buy “Players C-960 Classic Birds-Eye Maple”. It is one of the best pool cues for beginners.

Read More About How To Hold A Pool Stick?

Final Word

It’s crucial to get a good pool cue to play pool games. Pool cues play a huge role in a player’s performance. A good cue will improve your skill and movements. Not only that, you will feel automatically confident when you will have ideal equipment on your hand.

But it is not easy to find the best pool cues at an average price. And it’s not possible to buy several cues for everyone as it is costly.

This is why we have described the content in detail. We hope this article has made you capable of making a decision. And we hope you understand what is the best pool cue for advanced players.

FAQs Regarding Best Pool Cues For Advanced Players

1) What cues do pro pool players use?

There is not only one pool cue stick that uses pro pool players. We can give you some of them used by professional pool players. They are named Kamui Clear Black Tips, Predator Victory Tips, and Elk Master cue tips.

2) What type of cues do the pros use?

Those who are professional at pool games often use cues that are between 48″ to 61″. The minimum weight of the pool cues that pros use is between 19 and 19.5 ounces. They go for both hard and soft tips according to their play style.

3) What cue ball do professionals use?

The standard size of the Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball is two ¼”. And it is of phenolic raisin. We are giving you the details of these products because the worldwide official tournaments use this cue ball for the match, which professionals use.

4) Do expensive pool balls make a Difference?

Of course, the more expensive pool cue you get, the more quality full product you will get. And pool cue’s quality and kind of material it is made of makes a huge difference.

Yes, expensive pool balls indeed make a difference. The pool ball’s longevity depends on the materials used to create that. Low-priced pool balls are made of acrylic or polyester, while high-priced ones are made of phenolic resin.

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