Best Color For Pool Table Felt

Color for the pool table is something that’s as subjective as the game itself. Some people love the bright, vibrant colors that give them a real sense of accomplishment when they win. Other people can’t stand the thought of their neighbors’ eyes popping when they score in the 90s.

In any case, there are certain colors that are just perfect for playing pool. The classic black and white combination is easy on the eyes, but it can also make it impossible to see the ball. By contrast, green and blue offer a more dynamic feel as well as a healthier alternative to the traditional yellow and red. The following article is a list of the best colors for pool table felt, so you can find the one that works best for you.

For those who never knew, having to pick the ideal color for your pool table felt is a very important decision that you never imagined.

Aside from wanting your pool table to look amazing, you must play pool on it without having issues with the color of your felt. In other news, this article will help you in knowing the best color for pool table felt.

Best Colors To Pick

When it comes down to the best color for pool table felt, the ideal colors to pick are:

1. Green color

Green is the ideal choice and even the most common pool table color felt. The reason why most people go for green is that it enables the pool table to feel very light when compared to other color options used on the table felt.

More so, green is the type of color that gives off a smooth and highly soothing atmosphere when pool players are enjoying their game. One thing you must know is that very bright colors are capable of triggering headaches in players.

Best Color For Pool Table Felt 2

As for the color green, it is capable of creating a dull and dark room that is needed for people to concentrate. Green also helps in promoting amazing visibility when the game is on.

With green, the players can intentionally concentrate as shots are launched since the lightning effect of the color boosts a vast range of vision.

2. Blue color

It may come as a surprise that Blue is commonly used on the pool table felt like green. During professional games and billiard championships, you will notice that the pool tables are mostly blue even in snooker.

You may be wondering why blue is used if you are among those that feel green is used because it looks like a field. Well, let us take you down history lane. Blue was introduced in the world of billiards in 1970.

Blue pool tables were first used during the US Open Pocket Billiard Championship for games that were aired on TV. Since it was being aired live on TV to be watched, using green felt would make it hard for the viewers to follow the balls.

The blue pool tables helped in making the ball very visible and allowed viewers to watch their favorite sport with ease.

3.Red color

Red is another amazing color for your pool table felt that is subtly becoming popular. Just as red is considered a nice color for the pool table felt, other shades are being considered as well like Windsor Red, burgundy red, bright red, and even maroon red.

While some other colors may make their way into the industry, for now, red is making its way into dominating the pool table felt scene.

Pool table felt color chart:

pool table felt color chart

Tips On The Best Colors

Some of the things you should know about picking the best color for pool table felt include:

It should be easy on the eyes of players and viewers

While most pool tables make use of green or blue felt, understand that the color green is not used just because billiard games were once played on grass. Instead, they are used because green is quite easy on our eyes like blue.

When green and blue are used, both players and viewers will have no reason to put their eyes under so much strain.

Avoid making use of bright colors for felt

When it comes down to bright colors, they have been proven to be capable of leaving some players with headaches. It can also affect people when bright lights are placed directly over the table.

Rather than illuminate the game, you will end up reflecting lights off the brightly colored pool table felt and into the eyes of viewers and players.

Even dark felt colors are not the ideal choice

While you know bright colors are to be avoided, dark colors also fall under this category. The dark colors end up having the opposite effect as the bright ones.

When you make use of dark colors like deep burgundy, dark blue, and even black, you will be at risk of not being capable of seeing the dark balls with ease. In the game of pool, you will notice that some vital balls are dark.

More so, the cushions end up creating shadows on the pool table along the edges and close to the pockets. In other news, the shadows can end up blending into the dark cloth of your table, thus making it difficult to see the borders of your pockets.

Color Ideas For The Pool Table Felt

When it comes down to the best color for pool table felt, it must be understood that irrespective of whether the pool table is for recreation, establishing your skill, or decoration, you must have a style or look you desire.

Some color ideas that may get you inspired are:

The classic look

Making use of the classic look of the old school pool hall is loved by most players. And, you can get this rolling by making use of the usual green felt, brick reds, warm lighting, and even dark browns.

Another style that will work perfectly with this look is the hardwood clawfoot or even the vintage coin-op table style.

The modern look

If you want a stylish yet sleek look, you should go for light grey, chocolate, and even academy blue felt. All of them blend well with black, grey, white, and silver surroundings.

It is ideal for those new tables that are crafted to look like these modern art pieces.

The Tournament or Arcade look

If you want to emulate the feel of a professional tournament, you can get this done with the electric blue felt mixed with shades of dark brown, black, and grey. If you never knew, this color scheme is amazing for a playful arcade-style look.

You can make it better with bright lighting, coin-op style, and silver highlights.

what is the best color for pool table felt and how to choose the right pool table, To Know more watch this video

What is the best color for a pool table felt?

In general, there are three colors that are considered the worst for pool table felt: bright red, bright yellow, and solid black. This is because these colors can cause strain on your eyes and make it difficult to see the balls and pockets. However, every player is different so some may enjoy these Colors while others might not!

Why Are Pool Tables Green?

When billiards was initially invented, it was played on a grassy surface outside. The indoor game table’s cloth covering was initially green to match the look and feel of the natural surface. Pool table felt is still largely green nowadays, however various colors are available for those who prefer them.

Green is the most common color for pool table felt for several reasons. For starters, it contrasts well with the balls, making it easier to see where they are on the table. The hue is also supposed to boost players’ eyesight and focus by stimulating them. Finally, many individuals believe green to be a beautiful hue to look at.

What Colors of Pool Table Felt Are Most Popular?

When it comes to pool table felt colors, green and blue are by far the most popular choices today. This is most likely because they both give a lot of contrast against the table, making it simpler for players to keep track of the balls as they move across the surface. Furthermore, green and blue are also traditional colors that work well in a number of settings.


If you ever thought that taking your time to choose the best color for pool table felt was not important, then you have been proved wrong.

This is because the color of your pool table felt is capable of affecting that amazing performance you prepared for and if it was not important, you would have found different bright and dark felt colors in major pool tournaments.

The colors are vital because of how our eyes react to specific colors and for this reason, green and blue are mostly used.

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