Best Graphite Pool Cues to help you make better moves

While they are not widely accepted compared to regular hardwood brands, understand that graphite pool cues are steadily becoming popular each year.

Today, there are more than enough graphite cues in the market space as people love their modern look and how they remain straight no matter how many times they are used to playing.

This article will take a comprehensive look at some of the best graphite pool cues you can buy reasonably.

Best Graphite Cues

Some of the best graphite pool cues are:

1. The Cuetec Graphite Series 2-Piece


One thing to note about this pool cue is that it is manufactured by one of the best brands in the industry and will make a fantastic addition to your best pool cues collection.

As one of the best graphite pool cues, it has many benefits, like being straight like an arrow and incredibly balanced.

It has a 13mm Tiger Everest tip, Veltex wrap, and polycarbonate ferrule.

In simpler words, it is made available in a shaft with fiberglass. It is 58 inches and has a pretty adjustable weight.

The ferrule is quite strong, but it quickly picks up moisture that causes friction as a carbon shaft.

However, using a little fiber cloth during your match can solve this issue. You just need to clean the stick and your palm frequently.

One of its unique features is its durability; I have used mine for more than four years.

This stick is impressive for amateur players that want to give a landing shot on their ball.

Miscues are pretty rare as a result of their wide tip. In addition, it has a 15 ½ inches pro taper that will deliver a sturdy strike.

You can even end up delivering a distant shot with the highest control. It is crafted with a super slim taper that is bonded to maple.

Since it has both graphite and maple bonding features, it is protected from warping and dents.

It is one of the cue sticks heavily resistant to wear and tear and has the edge over those wooden shafts.

Its weight can be changed between eighteen and 21oz for more balance.

To add the additional weight, you need to unscrew its butt cap and attached bumper. The pros here are:

• Amazing grip

• Warp and dent resistant

• Carbon fiber construction

As for the con:

• Wears out quickly

Why We Love It

I love this pool cue because it has a highly developed glide finish that offers smooth and accurate shots.

If you want this product, you can bypass your search filters and head straight to your Amazon account. It will be found in the virtual shop.

2. The AB Earth Graphite Pool Stick


As one of the best graphite pool cues in the market, AB Earth is a top-tier brand you can get in a website store that gives all other cues a run for their money.

It is because it provides a flagship spec at an affordable price.

This pool stick is solid, gives a beautiful performance, and has a fantastic product design.

Its manufacturers say that compared with Linen butt, you will find their wavy-shaped butt more outstanding.

It is because it has an anti-slip function and service life. In addition, this pool cue stick is straight and made available in five colors.

The colors range from wine, pink 2, black, and two others.

Some more info on this stick is that it has a pool table with pink and blue colors. Furthermore, it is incredible for new players and highly durable. Some of its pros are:

• Highly durable, will not break

• Offers solid hits

• Easy to grip handle

As for the con:

• Available in only 21oz.

Why We Love It

I love using this pool cue to play because it is pretty comfortable to hold, and all my hits are like that of a champ.

I have always found it in stock on my amazon account.

3. The Pathline Harvard Pool Cue


If there is a pool cue that people want to be familiar with, it is appropriate, comes in the right size, and is convenient to use. And this is where the Pathline Harvard pool stick comes in.

It is one of the best graphite pool cues that meets all the right notes and is manufactured with two different types of pig skins.

Note that the pig skins are treated. Are you interested in taking your pool game to the next level?

If yes, you can contact or create an account on amazon and purchase this cue from their store, as they still have it in stock.

It is crafted with hand-picked quality Canadian maple wood.

And it is further overlaid with excellent Graphite coated with multiple layers of varnish. All of this protects the cue from warping and moisture.

Finally, it is made available in roughly eighteen colors, which you find for a great price and in stock.

You will find diverse options in the right size, which is fantastic for beginners and advanced players. It is a fantastic beginner cue for a tween, and its pros are:

• Beautiful graphic designs

• Comes in different sizes

• Highly durable

As for the con:

Why We Love It

This cue is loved because it is the ideal gift you can give to a friend or family who wants to break cues without any issues.

4. The EastPoint Sports Pool Cue


The EastPoint Sports cue is one of the best graphite pool cues that has been beautifully crafted for both casual and advanced players.

You can add a 2-piece titanium cue to your pool arsenal.

It has fantastic performance and is made of premium fiberglass material. It also has a microfiber grip that helps control and comfort.

In addition, its fiberglass construction helps it in resisting warping.

More info will reveal that it has a stainless steel joint system, screw-on tip, and alignment ferrule.

It has a sleek style profile without any scratches. The pros are:

• Fiberglass build

• Strong titanium materials

• Superior control

As for the con:

• The cue tip is quite loose

Why We Love It

Aside from being a beautiful addition to my cue collection, its microfiber grip makes my shot count due to its advanced comfort.

It is a cue of good quality and long-lasting durability that you will love taking for a spin.

5. The Viper Graphstrike 58.”


Amongst the popular brands that will give you absolute power and control comes the Viper Graphstrike, which is sold at an affordable price.

Its price will meet your budget as it sold for roughly fifty dollars.

You can purchase it straight from your amazon account, as you will find it in any of their pool cue departments.

Nevertheless, this cue provides top-quality durability even if you use it regularly.

Viper cues are used by professionals and experts in billiards and pool games worldwide. It is available in beautiful colors like black, blue, and maroon. Interestingly, they have an excellent grip.

The tip of this cue is made with high-quality leather, which helps with cue ball deflection. Its Veltex wrap makes it comfortable in the hands and will prevent slipping on your pool stick when you spin with it.

The pros are:

• Top-notch grip

• Affordable price

• Standard 18 – 210z weight

As for the con:

• It has no flexible joint collar

Why We Love It

Aside from coming in colors that will be stunning to you, I love this carbon fiber cue as it comes at an excellent price and delivers shots that bang.

All You Need To Know About Graphite Pool Cues

The most important fact you should know before you purchase any of the best graphite pool cues is that they are not entirely made of Graphite.

Instead, their inner core is made of wood, while the outer core is made from a carbon fiber composite layer.

The exterior composite layer you will find here is thin and not so strong.

More so, the most expensive ones you will find during your search have unique coatings. It is this coating layer that protects them from damage.

They also give the cue an excellent glide between the hand bridge.

This one is readily available for those seeking a pool cue that will help with an edge over their competition.

They are crafted with a unique type of carbon fiber, making them durable and lightweight.

You will enjoy using it because it can produce more speed on your shot.

In addition, their lightweight nature means that the user will not need to put enough force behind his shot to get the cue ball to move at high speed.

It is highly beneficial when you need to make those tricky shots. It is a highly consistent cue stick made from high-quality materials.

It means you will play top-notch shots when practicing your game.

In general, they are ideal for pool players that need to improve. People use these graphite shaft cues because of the shot they generate.

Some more of the pros are:

• Smooth feel

Using this cue, you will enjoy the glide and feel the finishing layer provides.

• Simple to clean

This cue does not come with plenty of hassles as you can easily clean it. Understand that, even if you clean it, it will not warp, as you have nothing to worry about when it comes to water touching it or humidity.

• Highly scratch resistant

The protecting composite layer of graphite shafts or cues helps prevent any damage from scratching.

• The price

A vital fact about these shafts is that they are less expensive than wooden cues.

Therefore, it makes them the ideal brands, especially among beginner and intermediate players.

• Their durability

The composite materials that are used in the making of these cues make them highly durable.

They are also made to be weather-resistant. So the amateur or intermediate pool player can play with this stick for a long while.

As for the cons, they are:

• Highly impossible to repair

These cues are great, but sadly, they are not repairable. It means that if you damage its surface with a robust scratch or anything, there is a very tiny chance you can ever play with this stick again.

• It is sticky

Their outer protective layers get sticky over time. It means you will likely lose that glide between the hand bridge after some time.

• The feel

One thing to note about these cues is that they are stiff. And you will not get to feel the genuine impact of the cue with your ball.

• There is no advanced shot

They are not great for English, drawing shots, or following, so professional players barely use them.

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Essential Parts Of The Graphite Cue

Some vital parts of the graphite cue that you should know before your big purchase are:

• The shaft

The graphite shafts are tapered and long. It is the part where your stick collides with the tip and ferrule.

While there are diverse types of tapering for the shafts, the most popular are the pro taper and the European taper.

• The Tip

You will find the leather tip at the front end of the cue, which is used in striking the ball.

Most of the tips are measured in diameter with the curvature of a nickel or a dime. They can be made from both synthetic and rubber materials.

• The ferrule

It is found at the bottom of the shaft, and it connects it with the tip of the cue.

It looks like a thimble fully covering the end of your stick, and it takes on most of the striking impact, so your graphite cue does not break.

Graphite cues are made from more fantastic materials than all other pool cues and provide great features that will help boost your game.

They are lighter, so you have much more control over the shot you take. In addition, their tip is soft and gives more accuracy.

They have a more reduced friction coefficient than all other materials. It makes them glide across the table smoothly.


If you need the best graphite pool cues that will improve your performance and give you the boost required for your match, we have provided you with the best of the best.

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