Best jump break cue : for the perfect opening  for Power and Purpose.


For any pool or billiards enthusiast, the main thing is winning. Of course, playing and enjoying the game is equally important. That is why we will discuss about the best jump break cue which is essential to make a perfect opening, which can lead to victory.

So, let us first find out what is a break jump cue and why is it important while playing a game of pool.

 It is important to know about the game as well so that we can understand about it properly.

So let us begin with knowing about a game of pool or billiards to know more.

Quick summary

The following jump break cues help us play the perfect break shot and help us jump the cue balls perfectly.

  • Rage heavy hitter jump break cue– The overall best jump break cue stick.
  • Players JB528 jump break pool cue– One of the heaviest jump break cue sticks.
  • Gator champion sport Gino jump break cue stick- The best quality jump break cue stick.
  • Collapsar heavy hitter jump break pool cue– The easiest to use jump break pool cue stick.
  • Players JB5 midnight black jump break cue– The best grip jump break pool cue stick.

What is pool and billiards?

Pool and billiards are board games that involve a table, balls and cue stick. Both are almost similar to each other with some basic differences.

These games are played between two opposition parties and those who can get rid of all their balls first win.

These are perfect games to be played with friends, family and colleagues.

They create a sense of healthy competition and can uplift energy and mood.

These games are great for bonding and breaking the ice.

The professionals obviously use better technique and apparatus while the beginners and amateurs start with a decent set of tools for the games.

Both these games have some rules that needs to be followed and they differ slightly from each other.

Billiards basically is any cue sport like carrom, pool and snooker. A proper billiard table does not have pockets.

 Pool on the other hand, have 6 pockets and is played on a pool table.

So, billiards may refer to a game of billiards or pool but pool is played specifically on a pool table. The terms are often used carelessly.

So, what is a jump break cue and why is it important in these games? Lets’ find out.

What is a jump break cue?

People usually use a cue or cue stick to hit the pool or billiard cue balls. It is a long stick used to play the game.

 It is very important to have the perfect cue stick because a lot depends on it.

The material and quality of the cue stick is important along with the skill of the player.

Sometimes people use a primary cue stick and a jump break cue stick. There are various reasons for doing this.

It is mainly done by professional players. The best jump break cue is much lighter, shorter, stiffer and have a hard cue tip. This gives a perfect opening shot.

The jump cue is designed for jumping balls during the break or opening shot.

This can be achieved because jump cues have a feature where a second section of the cue sticks can be detached, thus making the jump break pool cue weigh lesser.

With lesser cue weight, it is easy for the pool players to hit the balls easily, making them jump.

The break jump pool cue also has a harder tip than the normal playing cue sticks that are used to play pool.

They help in quick release and also the slip free grip allows the player to hit the ball hard thus setting the table for the game.

What does the best jump break cue offer?

The best jump break cue is around 54 inches tall but with the second break or detachment above the wrap handle, it is around 41 inches in height.

 Thus, it helps the player to use the cue stick efficiently to play jump shots.

It is also 19-23oz in weight, though heavier versions are available.

The break jump cue stick can be detached in the middle which makes the lighter version around 10oz.

This makes it easier to play a swift move for breaking and jumping.

Since it is shorter and lighter, it is just easier to improve the pool playing style and gives more power to the shot.

Other break cues are longer and heavier and all these features make it difficult to play jump shots.

 Jump shots are stylish and show the opponent that they are facing a serious pool player.

These lighter cues also have a hard tip. The best cue tip is made of phenolic or bakelite.

Why is a break shot important?

Break shots can make or break a game of pool. A break shot establishes the playing style, confidence and skill of the player.

The perfect break cue ensures a proper break and takes the game to a different level. Hence choosing the right cue stick is very important.

A break cue can make the pool balls jump in a way that the table and mood is set for the game.

If the break shot gets a pocket, then the opponent has to wait for their turn unless the player misses pocketing a ball.

Sometimes this means the opponent might not even get a chance and the game is over.

Hence, using a proper pool cue for the break shot hence becomes important.

Lighter cue with phenolic tips works best to jump the ball during a break shot.

Do you really need a break cue?

For friendly matches where the players are amateurs, break cues may not be used.

 The skill set for the game is low and most people do not know the difference of a normal cues and jump break cues.

But those who wish to learn the game properly, they can buy a jump break cue for practice sessions and later use them in local leagues or friendly matches as well.

There are dedicated break jump cues for beginners or amateurs which can help them learn the game and enhance their skills.

For professional matches, a break cue is important because a lot is in line.

Fame, pride, money, attention all can be achieved if a player wins the game and for that taking any measure respecting the rules and decorum of the game is fine.

So, if a player wants to make a good first impression using a jump break cue for break shots is a must.

 This gives a proper start or opening shot and an edge to the game. The player becomes more confident and plays better.

How to choose a break cue?

There are certain factors one must be aware of before choosing the best jump break cue.

 There are many options available in the market who claim to be the best and assist or enhance the game.

 But a little bit of research is needed before one decides to buy a break cue.

There are different areas one may pay heed to like the weight, the tip, the adjustable weight, the accuracy it can provide etc.

 Before going for a break cue. These may differ from merchant to merchant and one should buy the best break cue as per their needs after reading the jump break cue reviews.

The material with which it is made and its length is important as well.

Though length of cue sticks is most likely same, it is still best to know about all the specifications.

So, one must check the following before purchasing a break cue stick.


Some of the break cues are heavy and weigh around 25-28 ounces. Some may be lighter and be around 18-19 ounces.

 The heavier cues provide power and precision to the break shot and helps the player to make a powerful entry.

The lighter cue sticks are good for jumping balls as well as making an impressive break shot.

Break cue sticks have adjustable weight system where a part can be detached and a shorter stick can also be used to play the break shot. This weighs about 10 ounces.


The best tip for a break cue is either phenolic tip or bakelite tip.

 Phenolic tip is very hard and provides the strength needed to play the opening shot.

Bakelite tip is also made of hard substances and good for break cues.

There are cue sticks that have stainless steel tips and leather tips as well and one must choose what they are comfortable with.

 The one thumb rule is the harder the tip, the better the break shot.

So, keeping that in mind one must choose a cue stick with a proper tip.

Adjustable weight

Most break cue sticks have adjustable weight system to make it lighter.

The cue stick can be separated and the jump cue can be a short stick which is lighter and stiffer as well.

 Many players like heavy cue sticks while many like them light.

The standard weight of a jump break cue is 19 ounces. There are heavier models and people can choose.

The lighter the cue, the easier it is to break as it depends on speed and acceleration.

So lighter cues are good for those who can make a fast and accurate break shot.

Standard cues do not have this feature where weight can be adjustable and the cue stick can be made shorter and lighter.

Whatever it is people must check if the bolt system in jump break cues work properly and not get loose in between as that may disrupt the game.


One must be aware of the fact that these jump break cues need to be smooth, straight and not warp.

They must be well balanced and not have bends and dents.

 All these features go into making the best jump break cue and give it the accuracy that is needed for the perfect break shot.

Apart from these, one must also check the joint, material of the shaft, butt and ferrule, check if there is a wrap for grip or not and check how well balanced the cue stick is.

 All of these together makes choosing the jump cue stick easier.

The top 5 break jump pool cues to choose from

Who would not like to buy the best break jump pool cue? Any professional player or pool enthusiast would definitely want it.

They are important for powerful break shots and based on research, cue reviews and personal preference, we have narrowed down 5 of them.

A well-balanced cue works wonders during the game. The separate break cue gives an extra edge and the perfect break jump and stroke speed.

So, let us first see which of these are our top picks.

I’ve included Our Top Picks (5 Items) in this table that our research team has found.

Rage heavy hitter jump break cue


The rage heavy hitter jump break cue has a weight of 25oz and hence is a pretty heavy cue.

The rage heavy hitter looks stylish and is a 3-piece professional break cue.

It has hard rock maple construction and the stiff shaft and extra hard tip it offers makes it perfect for the break and jumping.

Why is it special?


  • Weight– The heavy hitter jump break cue is a heavy cue stick and weighs 25oz which is more than many other cues. It gives an edge to elderly people or those who use less force during a break.
  • Joint– It has double turbo lock quick release joints and helps to make accurate hits on the cue balls.
  • Tip– The tip is 14mm and a bakelite tip. It is extra hard and provides the perfect jump shot during the break.
  • Taper and handle– It has a full professional taper and a stylish matte finish black wrapless handle that is very smooth. It helps to give better slip stroking.
  • Quality– The heavy hitter jump break cue is one of the very few jump cues that are made to perfection. It is a great break cue and is smooth. It is perfectly straight without any dent or bend. It is super heavy and looks stylish. It has matte finish forearm and butt.

Players JB528 jump break pool cue


The players JB528 jump break pool cue is super heavy and weighs 28oz. it provides the perfect powerful jump break shots.

It has superior quality and features ideal for suing during a break shot.


What make it special?

  • Guarantee– It has a lifetime guarantee on ferrule and warpage. Its quality is top-notch.
  • Materials– It is made of grade A hard rock maple which is 100 percent North American made. It has a special ferrule of high impact and guarantees there would be no cracking or chipping.
  • Tip– It has a super hard bakelite tip which is 14mm and is perfect for making break shots. It is 28oz in weight and provides balance and power. It has adjustable weight and can be detached and used as a short stick. Then it weighs about 10oz. 
  • Joint– For a secure and proper fit, it has a custom turbo lock double quick release joint. It also has a super UV high gloss finish which protects the cue stick. It helps the cue stick to not fade and chip.
  • Grip– It provides a matte finish black wrap for proper grip which is vital while making the break shot.


Apart from these two heavy break jump cues, there are some more which can be worth it.

These have good quality and can provide a good break and jump. So, check out the below mentioned products as well before buying break cues.

Gator champion sport Gino jump break cue stick



Champion sport’s Gino break and jump cue surpasses all requirements to make a crushing break shot and jump the ball.

It is made of Canadian maple hard rock wood and has a fine finish and high quality.


Best features in this product?

  • Tip– It has a 13mm phenolic tip. It provides a hard tip for perfect jumps and breaking shot.
  • Specifications– It has a phenolic ferrule, Canadian maple wood shaft, solid maple with hard wood forearm, 4 prongs, a hard wood butt and synthetic wood cap. It has no wrap. It has rosewood butt sleeve and phenolic butt cap.
  • Size and weight– It is 58 inches in length. It weighs 19oz. it has a beautiful earthy color.
  • Joint– It has quick release joint uni-loc threads on shaft end and butt.
  • Quality– Each cue stick is made of high-quality maple hard wood and is processed to perfection so that there is minimal moisture left. This increases the durability of the cue stick. It is quality checked after production and shipped directly from the company.

Collapsar heavy hitter jump break pool cue


The collapsar heavy hitter jump break pool cue is a three-piece cue stick with a 14mm phenolic tip and weighs around 21-23oz.

 It is one of the best break cues. It is not one of those heavier cues and is easy to use.


Amazing features you must keep in mind?


  • Tip– The tip is 14mm and is a phenolic tip. It is hard and provides the accurate strength and pressure for break shots. It comes with a white color phenolic pad and a black ferrule.
  • Quality- It is made of North American hard maple woodand has a full professional taper for perfect play. It also has quick release joints with joint protectors.
  • Size– It is a 29 inches cue stick and has a wrap less handle. The butt is painted black and provides good slip stroke.
  • Smoothness– the cue stick is nice and smooth and has a nice color. It is not too heavy and is around 21-23oz in weight.

Players JB5 midnight black jump break cue


The players JB5 jump break cue is available in different weight options starting from 18oz to 21oz. It has half ounce increments as well.

It has an Irish linen wrap for a good grip. It has all the features what makes a good break cue.


Product features


  • Warranty– This cue stick is made of high-quality materials and has a lifetime warranty. It is replaced or refund is provided if any defect is detected.
  • Options– It has different options regarding weight to choose from. One can order as per their need and their size.
  • Joint– It has wood to wood joints and also has turbo lock quick release pins. That provides a soft and medium hit.
  • Tip– It has a 14mm bakelite tip that is very hard and provides the perfect break and jump shot.
  • Wrap– it has Irish linen wrap for a firm grip. It is solid black in color and double pressed.

What should you look for before buying the best jump break cue.

Buying the best jump break cue can be tricky and confusing but remembering a few important points makes it easy to choose.

We must also remember the purpose of buying a jump break cue in the first place.


There are jump break cue sticks which can be worth more than $300. The materials used determine the price.

The better the quality, the more the price. There are some good quality jump cues which can be bought for a lesser price too.

 They can range from $100-$150 and use good materials.

The brand also matters in terms of price. A very costly cue stick does not always guarantee perfection.

 It might work less perfectly than a cheaper version. Research and reading of reviews are important.


Materials used

The materials used is very important to check. Since a cue stick is usually made of wood, we must ensure that the quality of the materials used is good.

The cue stick must be smooth, straight, stiff. High-quality wood must be used to make the cue stick.

Ferrule and tip

The ferrule is end of the shaft that holds the tip and strengthens it. It takes the force of impact with the cue ball, protecting the shaft.

The ferrule should be made with good material as it has an important task of preventing more vibration when the shot is played.

The tip is the area which meets the cue ball and must be hard so that a proper break or jump can be achieved. Phenolic tips are the best.

They can be made with other hard materials as well. Hard tips are best for a jump break cue.

Shaft and butt

Shaft is the upper slimmer part while butt is the thicker lower part of a cue stick. They should be made with hard wood.

 Maple rock hard wood is a great choice for making the shaft and butt of a jump break cue stick.

The shaft must be very smooth. They can be made of graphite or fiberglass as well.


Some jump break cues are wrapless while some have wraps for a better grip.

Linen wraps or matte finish wraps are good for grip and provide stability to the player when he makes the opening shot.

Wrap less cue sticks can also provide proper grip by their design.



Joint is basically the point where the shaft and the butt are joined. Quick release joints are best for break jump pool cues.

 They can be made of wood, metal, ivory or phenolic resin. Joint caps protect the joint from damage.



A jump break cue stick must be well balanced in the hand of the player.

This is possible when it is smooth and straight and has no bend or dent to worry about. A proper balance ensures a proper opening shot.

Weight and size

Standard weight of a break jump cue stick is 19oz and they can get heavier as well.

Since jump break cues can be detached and the shorter lighter version is used to make the break shot one must choose the correct cue stick as per their own and the stick’s weight.

The size of a jump break cue is around 54-57 inches and becomes 41 inches when detached.

Some cue sticks might be a tad lighter but serves the purpose. A lighter cue stick accounts for swift and accurate shot during the break.

In a nutshell

The best jump break cue provides a good grip and allows the player to make the perfect break shot.

 They make jump shots easy and are great for professional matches or to practice and perfect the opening shot.

 A jump break cue is a must if one wants to make an impression.

Choosing a proper jump break cue is very important and must be chosen as per the need of the player.

The materials used and weight and size are also determining factors while choosing the perfect jump break cue stick.

Read more to know about best pool cue tips 

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the best tip for a jump break cue?

Ans- The best tip for a jump break cue is phenolic tip. Bakelite tip, stainless tip and leather tips are also good.

Having a proper tip is very important so that a proper impact takes place when the cue stick hits the cue ball. The tip must be very hard for this to be achieved.

2.What is the best weight for a break cue?

Ans- A standard break cue is 19 ounces in weight. There are heavier versions available which can go up to 27-28 ounces.

 The most common ones remain between 19-23 ounces. Heavier cue sticks are for players with firm strokes for momentum and impact while lighter ones are used by players with swift accurate strokes.

3.Is a heavier break cue better?

Ans- Heavier cue is better for players who cannot make a swift strike with accuracy. For this reason, a heavy cue helps the player to make an impactful strike as it picks up momentum.

It is good for players with firm stroke. Players who have swiftness and accuracy can use lighter versions of the break cues that are available.

4.What weight pool cue do pros use?

Ans- Pros do not need heavy break cue sticks since they are skilled and know the speed and acceleration factors associated with the game.

They can make swift accurate strokes and hence do not need extra power or momentum. They use break cues weighing from 19-19.5 ounces.

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