Best Pool Cue Tips: strongly suggested by experts

As a pool player, you must understand the vitality of a good cue tip. A well-crafted cue tip will tilt you in the winning direction.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best pool cue tips you will find out there. These cue tips will enable you to win your game of pool amongst friends and opponents.

The Best Pool Cue Tips

Some of the very best pool cue tips to purchase are:

1. The Elk Master Cue Tip

Our Top Pick

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As one of the best pool cue tips on our list, understand that professionals and amateurs love the Elk Master in the game. The reason is not far-fetched as it provides easy tips that will last and offers impressive results.

If your aim is a decent result without spending so much money, this is the cue tip to purchase. It is soft and has a treated leather build. This makes it great for durability and gives a flawless performance.

The Elk Master Cue tip’s diameter is 13mm. And this means it works with practically almost all pool cues without any issues. It is pretty easy to install, even if you are in the middle of your pool game.

With top-notch quality, they are crafted to be used with soft sponges, making them very soft. When you touch the Elk Master Cue tip, you will realize that it does not feel like a hard plastic tip.

Why We Love It?

Aside from all of the above, I enjoy using this cue tip because it is flexible and easy to clean. I have used them for a long time, and they remain in excellent condition.

2. The Tiger Everest Laminated Cue Tip

Our Top Pick

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The Tiger Everest has made it to our list of best pool cue tips because it is one of the favorite choices among amateurs. The reason for this has to do with how skillfully it is made.

It is shaped like a hard tip but hits like a medium tip. More so, its control is likened to that of soft information. So now you have an understanding of why beginner pool players love it.

More so, it offers perfect contact with the cue ball, thus, enabling players to take precise draw shots. Best believe it will do wonders for your accuracy and amazingly holds up the chalk pretty well.

Why We Love It?

I love that this pool cue tip is crafted from the best quality pigskin and made to last for a long time. It is crafted with ten layers of pigskin; meanwhile, the manufacturer tests all of its layers separately for quality and durability.

3. The Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip

Our Top Pick

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One thing you must remember about the Kamui Clear black cue tip is that it provides incredible precision and control as you shoot. Its tip is crafted with a unique design.

This design enables it to offer both stability and maximum control as you shoot your cue ball. As a result, it is one of the best cue tips for beginners that need a cue tip of value and provides excellent control.

The Kamui cue tip will assist those interested in playing like professionals. However, it is best to use liquid base cue tip glue when installing.

This is because the gel-type glue tends to be very thick and will take time to dry. However, a small amount of glue will give you an exceptionally aligned installation.

It has a super soft variant that is easily recommended for professionals that enjoy playing draw shots. Its medium hardness variant is excellent for those who seek a balance of speed, control, and spin.

Why We Love It?

I love and rate Kamui Clear black cue tip highly because it is crafted to restructure the absorption of glue. This will ensure the tip remains in shape for a long while.

More so, it enables me to reach a good amount of English without being too hard.

4. The Predator Victory Cue Tip (Hard/Medium/Soft)

Our Top Pick

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It must be noted that the Predator Victory Cue Tip is made available in three variants. They are; soft, medium, and complex. As one of the best pool cue tips you will find here, it will give you fantastic performance and excellent ball control.

It is crafted with eight layers of leather combined, plus a diameter of 14mm. Its tips are a bit harder than the Kamui precise black cue tip. Its soft variant is similar to the medium, while the medium is similar to the complex variant.

Due to its bright yellow color, you can find and shape the tip even when the light conditions are low. Additionally, with the Predator Victory, you can pick out any type of hardness you prefer.

Why We Love It?

I enjoy using this cue tip because it significantly enables me to handle the cue ball and gives me great control. In addition, I have never had any issues with it, as it holds chalk remarkably.

In other news, if you desire more English and spin, you should go for the soft variant.

If you desire a cue tip between levels, then the medium variant is what you need. But if you want potent breaks and jumps with reduced tip maintenance, the hard variant is a perfect choice.

5. The Bulletproof Break Cue Tip

Our Top Pick

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When it comes down to the Bulletproof Break Cue tips, it must be noted that this is a top-notch product that will give you fabulous breaks.

You can expect fantastic actions with its functions and quality as it conveniently jumps. Since its tip is good enough, you must know that it perfectly holds the chalk.

And while you may notice a difference in the power and speed of the cue ball, you will always be capable of controlling the cue ball. With each stroke, you will use less power and still get to spread your ball.

Why We Love It?

I enjoy using this cue tip as it offers the best breaks I have ever experienced. Not to forget, professional players like Max Henning and Diana Khalikova use it.

6. The Honbay 13mm Cue Tips

Our Top Pick

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With a diameter of 13mm, the Hornby is one of the best pool cue tips made from solid leather. It comes in sets of ten and is easily the most affordable on this list.

More so, it comes in just one hardness: medium hardness. This is the ideal cue tip for your home, club, or bar tips. Since the tip is performed, it makes installation relatively easy to achieve.

It comes at a low price but has a durable nature that will amaze you. As a hard-tip lover, you should go for it.

Why We Love It?

While it is not durable due to phenolic resin or plastic, the Honbay cue tip is made with typical old leather. This gives it a medium hardness feel. I love using it due to the excellent cue ball control it offers.

It is perfect for intermediate and beginner players.

Things To Consider When Picking A Good Pool Cue Tip

It must be noted that if you want the best pool cue tips, it is not so hard to get them so far, you have an idea of all that you need and want.

More so, you will need to take the time to research and test some products all on your own to get the best cue tip for you. Aside from providing you with some of the best in the market, there are things you will need to consider before picking the best.

These things are:

  • The Size/ Diameter

You can quickly determine the size of your cue tip by measuring the cue ferrule’s diameter. It is between 12mm and 14mm on a good day, though it had some slimmer cue tips.

And if you want a larger cue tip size, you will need to measure the size of your cue stick.

  • The Brand

While the cue tips from popular brands are more expensive, the fact is that the quality is way better than the cheap ones. This does not mean no new brands with good quality cue tips are out there.

You will need to test the product before starting your comparisons.

  • The Materials

You should know that different materials are used to craft cue tips. However, the most prominent material is leather. The manufacturers apply leather in various layers, thus known as Laminated leather tips.

Examples of these are boar hide, cowhide, and pigskin. Note that it all depends on the tip model and the maker. Nevertheless, such layering supports the strength of the tip and enables the tip to have its shape maintained.

  • The Price

Regarding price, it tends to differ in terms of features, brands, and size. However, the cheaper cue tips attract more people than the expensive ones.

Nevertheless, remember that top-quality products are not sold at low prices. This means you need to check your budget before you decide to study for cue tips.

  • Hardness Of Cue Tips

You will notice that cue tips are available in different hardness. They range from soft to super hard.

The one you buy depends on whether you want to use it for a particular purpose like breaking or jumping and your experience level. When you rely on the hardness of the tip, the softer it gets to be and the more cushion it offers.

Some of the different types of hardness you will encounter are:

  • Medium Hardness

Note that medium tips are the ideal compromise for the totality of your playing cue. They will enable you to attain solid hits. However, remember that they are not high maintenance but will offer control over your ball.

It will work best if you use a single cue for breaking, playing, and jumping.

  • Soft and Super Soft

It is imperative to note that the softer tip will enable you to give more spin to your ball. Interestingly every manufacturer has its formula and specs. If you get used to playing the game and can control your ball actively, you can buy the softer cue tip.

Then, you will use different cue sticks for jumping, playing, and breaking. Note that the softest tips are the best for advanced players that play on high-quality surfaces.

  • Super Hard and Hard

Harder tips impart more force through your ball and are recommended for breaking and jumping. In addition, they will enable you to have more sturdy hits.

There are hard tips in the market that come very hard, even as hard as the balls. With such tips, a tremendous amount of force will be transferred from the stick straight to the ball.

On a general note, they are known to maintain their shape way longer and will need less maintenance when compared to softer tips.

If you interested to read more then you can check our another blog about Top 10 Best Pool Cue For Advanced Players.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do Professionals Use Any Specific Pool Cue Tip?

Regarding cue tips used by professionals, we must let you know that these professionals have their preferences when choosing hardness levels.

But, most of them prefer to use softer or harder tips. So, when you watch their season games or even tournaments, you will find them only hitting for the middle and barely missing.
The reason for this is that they make use of softer tips.

2.Is There a Difference Between Soft and Hard Pool Cue Tips?

Yes. And we can tell you that the visible differences you will find range from strength, durability, and accuracy.
The softer cue tips will give fantastic shots and better spins, even though they will need more maintenance than the regular harder cue tips.

3.What is the Best Pool Cue Tip to Purchase?

We have compiled a list of some of the best, ranging from the Kamui cue tip down to the Elk Master Cue tip.


On a general note, if you need to buy cue tips for your pool stick, we have outlined some of the best pool cue tips for you. Endeavor to read through and make the suitable choice.

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