Best pool cues for intermediate players Solve your Desire 

In this era, pool cue is one of the world’s most popular and passionate games. People who are passionate about pool cues might search for the best pool cues for intermediate players. Therefore choosing the best pool cue is one of the most challenging.

Are you one of them who is very fond of pool cues? Many pool cues are available on the market, and there are more on e-commerce sites. So, choosing the right one among them has become very tough.

This is not only a big problem. Players have different skills in the game. Some are good at playing, while some are masters of it. As per the player’s skill, they should choose the right cue.

Through the post, we will mention to you what are the best cues for intermediate players. Most of the pool players belong to this. Only some people can reach the pro level, and beginners can become intermediate players quickly. Therefore intermediate players are our key focus.

Should you think you should get the right cue? It’s essential to choose the perfect one as it affects our play. So don’t you want to perform better? If you’re going to perform well, complete reading the post until its end.

Why Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players?

Read and try to understand me very carefully. Do you want to be a great competitor in pool games? Do you want to upgrade yourself from a “beginner-level player”? This post is only for you if your answer is yes.

The post will teach you how cue tools are essential for intermediate players. Better cues will help you to perform better and shoot accurately.

There are thousands of pool cues available on the market, so it has become tricky to choose one. We have selected the five best pool cues for intermediate players to make it easy for you.

They are as follows:

We have mentioned every feature in this post and added why you should go for them. The seats have good points, but you can check these products’ disadvantages.

Our products

So, are you ready to upgrade yourself? Then let’s check them out.

1. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue


Intermediate-level players should get their suitable stick to the pool table. We think Players Technology Series HXT15 Two Piece Pool Cue is the best. It’s the ideal product for intermediate players because of its edge technology and dense design.

The pool cue has been placed on the top 1 because of its remarkable features and looks. As a reader or player, you may have heard of the cue. But have you ever seen it in your eyes? In that case, you may stay here to collect the essential details.

Features in the Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue:

Here are the product’s features.

● The product’s weight is 18-20 oz and is durable.

● Players can get a lifetime guarantee of the item.

● Now, let’s discuss its look. It has a traditional look. But do you know what made it formal? Its black and white classic diamond features gave it a traditional look.

● The built-in system of the cue makes it increase.

● It is wrapped with a UV finish and French wax.

● The cue has a butt cap of bird’s eye maple design that makes the whole design trend.

● The tip length of the cue is 12.75 mm.

● The HXT15 cue’s material is 100% hard rock maple.

● Buyers will be fascinated by its simple and elegant wood tones.

2.  CUESOUL 58 Inch 19oz/20oz Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue Set


You should prepare for an advanced level if you have finally stepped to the intermediate level. Cuesoul will make you able to become a professional player soon. Cuesoul is perfect for an intermediate player to upgrade their skills.

Though there are so many cue sticks available on the market. But it has proved that Cuesoul is one of the industry’s most popular and best brands. You can’t find any player who hasn’t heard the name of Cuesoul sticks. Even professionals use it.

Do you know what makes it best? Its low price makes it one of the best cues. It may come at a low cost, but its design and performance do not indicate that. The product’s durability may be why people have chosen it as the best.

Mentioned Features of CUESOUL 58 Inch 19oz/20oz Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue Set:

Now, are you not very keen to know other remarkable product features? We hope you are getting patientless and suggest you check the given attributes.

  1. It’s very comfortable to port as the product’s weight is only 0.8 kilograms.
  2. Cuesoul is a branded product, one of the best brands in the industry.
  3. Though it has several notable features, still the price is low.
  4. It offers one or two but seven layered leather tips that automatically boost the player’s performance.
  5. Cuesoul allows the players to get plenty of control.
  6. Both its structure and material type are perfect.
  7. The cue is 12mm lengthy, but the manufacturers have mentioned it as 11.5mm.
  8. Are you not interested in its available color? It is brown colored and given without any case.
  9. The brand, Cuesoul, has a 24/7 support team so that you can contact them anytime for any emergency.

3.  ProSniper Pool Cues


ProSniper Pool Cues is in the 3rd position on the list. Are you looking to use a colorful and uniquely designed cue? Then, I suggest you go through this section. Here we will describe the features of the cue stick. Trust me; it will be your dream cue stick for pool games.

The product’s appearance is not only good, but its performance is superb. You can only understand its value once you use it. The design (look) is appreciative. You can get it at an affordable price, and the pack will have four pieces of cues. You will also have four chalks free with this pack.

Now, it’s time to know other details. So, are you ready to get a review of one of the best pool cues for intermediate players? An appraisal is all about facts. Therefore you should know both its advantages and disadvantages.

Added features with ProSniper Pool Cues:

Here are all those features that come with this great pool cue.

  1. The best part of this cue is you can use it as an intermediate player. At the same time, when you are upgraded to the pro player, you may also use it. You can keep the stick the same.
  2. Secondly, it’s one of the best cues as it is firm and durable.
  3. There will be four pool cue cases. And each will carry four cue sticks and four cue chalks.
  4. It comes in the perfect weight and size. The tip will be finished with 13mm, weighing 19oz. 19oz is the actual weight of any cue stick. It’s a standard weight.
  5. After receiving the products, you can instantly return them if unsatisfied. You will be refunded, and no one will question you for doing such.
  6. It’s a perfect cue at home and a commercial site.
  7. The brand, Prosniper, always produces quality products. It’s also a quality cue, as always.

4.  Pathline Pool Cue Stick


Let me describe this pool cue stick in one line. I have seen a quote about this product: “play pool like league players with Pathline.” And this line clears all your doubts. Isn’t it?

Pathline cue stick comes in the best pool cues for intermediate players. At the time you will hold this cue, you will be so amazed by having a graphic handle that is stunning. The pool cue is considered one of the best for its elegant looks.

Most of us fall in love with exterior looks, some fall in love with inner qualities, and some want both. You may ask why we are saying such. After all, it’s a product, not a human.

But now I’m telling you why I said such. It’s because this product is excellent with its outer look and its quality performance. That means everyone must love this.

What features to look for about the pathline pool cue stick?

Were you looking for the same discussion? It has been sorted now. Now you can check them by the given points. So let’s check them.

  1. By investing only $50, one can have Patheline pool cue sticks as theirs.
  2. In the first instance, it will catch the buyer’s attention with its eye-catching looks. And, whenever you think of playing cue games, it will motivate you.
  3. Its shaft has been made of American hard rock maple to give the stick maximum straightness.
  4. The product comes with a conical taper.
  5. The tip of the pathline cue is 13mm.
  6. The length of the cue stick is 58 inches.
  7. It doesn’t have any wrap design.
  8. Everyone may use it, but it is specially made for women. So if you are a women’s cue lover, go for it now.

5.   ISPIRITO Pool Cues 2-Piece 58 Inch House Bar Billiard Cue Sticks


ISPIRITO Pool Cues 2-Piece 58 Inch House Bar Billiard Cue Sticks are the last best cues of this post. This cue can be considered the most challenging pool cue to practice. And intermediate players must need hard sticks.

Do you know why? Because after lots of practicing, they have become intermediate, and it’s time for them to be pro players. And to become pros, they must practice a lot. So their cue must be durable.

Like the previous cue, it also comes with four cues together. So you don’t need to search for cue sticks repeatedly; you can buy them at once. Several parts of Ispirito cue are made of various materials, so the feelings of the play will be unique.

ISPIRITO Pool Cues 2-Piece 58 Inch House Bar Billiard Cue Stick’s Included Features:

As you have found interest in Ispirito cues, you may be searching for its available features. This is why you need to keep your eyes on the mentioned list.

  1. Ispirito is an American pool cue whose length is 58 inches.
  2. Cues are something that must be transported and stored. So you must check if it is portable or not. Do you want to know? Per the officials and customer reviews, it’s effortless to transport.
  3. Generally, we have some favorite colors. And we want to buy everything in our favorite color. So you can buy it if you like black. The color of this product is black with natural oak.
  4. The sticks are joined by stainless steel and come in two parts.
  5. The wooden cores of the cue give us a feel of high spinning.
  6. By ordering this product, you will receive two cues. You may also call four cues; for doing that, you need to pay some additional charges.
  7. You can’t overtake its price. One of my friends bought one cue at this price. So you are to have four cues in this budget.

Buying Guide: Things to look for in choosing a pool cue for intermediate players

Are you wondering that pool cue is a small accessory, and what’s there to focus on this topic? If you think like this, it’s the most crucial element of pool cue games. The whole game depends on this, and it makes the difference whether you are a beginner-level player or an intermediate-level player.

You might not realize that even a tiny element of the game (pool cue) can be the reason for the gamer’s success. Choosing the lousy pool cue may affect your competition so much that you may give up on this. But I don’t want any gamer to give up, so I’m giving you the best suggestion.

Pool cue has different elements that we should consider before purchasing a cue. Do you have an idea about what they are? Firstly, the pool cue shaft is essential to check. It has over a hundred brands, but you must choose the right branded item.

You may have been playing pool cue games for a long time. But are you sure if you have the correct items or not? If they are cheap, you must replace them as soon as possible to get the best results.

Many of you are unaware of the topic of how to look at the things for choosing the best pool cues for intermediate players. So I’m suggesting you go through the things mentioned. It would help if you took the mentioned tips. Indeed it will work.

1. Shaft

I believe the shaft is the essential element of any pool cue. Do you know why? It is considered the most critical element because it defines cue sticks’ action or performance.

If you look carefully at any shaft, you will understand that its primary diameter is 12mm to 13 mm. Whether a beginner or an intermediate player, you must consider the shaft diameter as per your hand size before purchasing any stick.

Suppose the size of your hand is smaller than expected. Then you must choose the correct shaft diameter so it wouldn’t hurt you. Selecting the correct diameter also makes you comfortable. For a good shot, one must choose the low-deflection shafts.

2. Cue Tip

Cue tips have different sizes, and people can choose them accordingly. It’s one of the most significant elements to select carefully. It affects our play, the kind of hit you are making is all because of the cue tip. Both soft cue tips and complex cues are available. It comes between 11mm to 14 mm.

Are you helpful with side spins? A considerable number of expert players like to play by side spinning. So they should choose smaller tips to help them do side spins. On the other hand, large tips help the players to pocket the balls.

If you go with our suggestion, then choose smaller tips. It’s better than larger ones at hitting. Not only does the cue tip’s size matter most, but the type of it all also makes a difference. And indeed, more intricate cue tips last longer than softer cue tips.

Another important thing that you should notice on its fabric. Always go for pigskin or notch leather. Now, will you choose the correct cue tip or not? We hope you will do it perfectly.

3. Joint Type

It doesn’t matter how attractive your pool cue is. It can only endure as much as its joints. When you find the stick’s joint with a solid or firm joint, you can take relief as it guarantees reliability. Reliability is essential while playing.

Though it looks like a small fact, you should also pay attention to it.

4. Cue Material

There are both wooden and fiberglass sticks. Still, most people go for wooden posts. As an intermediate player, you should check whether the shaft is fiberglass or wooden. Do you know what the best part of wooden sticks is? Are you interested to know what it is?

Wooden sticks provide excellent performance with a small amount of money. It doesn’t take much investment.

I’m telling you honestly that I’ve seen various people go for maple woods. And it is not that expensive. Medal-class people may also make an effort this easily. But multiple manufacturers use other woods to provide the stick more stability.

We are not suggesting you use fiberglass sticks because we have got bad reports for these sticks from various players. They claim it doesn’t provide good performance based on its price.

5. Weight

A variant of cue sticks is available on the market. Their weights are also different. But do you know what weight cue sticks are perfect for intermediate players? According to experts, most intermediate players use cue sticks of 18-21 oz. So we can say it’s the ideal weight of it.

But there is no actual rule for choosing the perfect weight stick. Some prefer 19-20 oz. So you can also consider it the ideal weight of it.

Leave it; let me tell you the best formula for choosing the right weight cue stick. Try every Cue stick until you find one comfortable. The shot of the players is affected by their weight.

Do you want an example of this word? Looking carefully, you will realize that heavy sticks speed faster than light cues. But if you focus on accuracy, you may use light weigh cue stick.

6. Design

Once you check the top 5 cue sticks, you will understand it comes with several designs. Each has individual plans. People are different, so their choices are also other. But we should check its design which we find most attractive.

Designs never affect your play. Performance is judged, so don’t worry. But it’s true that the more you are fond of your cue stick, the more you’ll like to play with it.

We will mention so many design sticks you may choose one among them. It’s important because you cannot entirely focus on the game until you get proud of your stick.

7. Balance Point

Do you know where the cue’s balance point is situated? Generally, the balance point is set in the middle of the cue. The place where you give support to your stick with your finger is known as the cue’s balance point.

Suppose you have a cue stick that is 58 inches long. In that case, we can say the balance point of this cue is within 15-20 inches from the bottom of the stick.

Buyers should always check if they can balance the cue well or not. It decides whether you can grip the ball back comfortably or not. If you can do this, you can shoot ideally for sure.

8. Warranty

Now that we have gone through all the introductory sections, we should examine one more essential part. Are you getting keen to know what we are talking about?

Whenever we think about buying something, we must check its warranty period. That’s how we can be tense less, and our money will not be wasted.

Keeping this point in mind, we have chosen the cue sticks, which come with a warranty period. Most manufacturers provide a warranty on the product to their customers. Customers can exchange or repair the cue for free if anything happens during this period.

This is why you are responsible for checking this point before buying any stick.

9. Additional Accessories

You should notice the last significant fact before purchasing a cue. I’ve mentioned the essential points that you must keep in your mind. After choosing the perfect cue, you must get the other necessary accessories. You may ask, what are they?

Do you want me to answer this? They are none other than cue cases, chalk, and gloves. Aren’t these important? Of course, yes, right?

Do not forget to get these while buying the cues.

So these are all that you are requested to check before choosing a pool cue for intermediate players.

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Listen, there is a long list of the best pool cues for intermediate players. And we think these five are the best among them. We have covered the five best pool cues in this post. There are several cue stick brands, so you might get confused while choosing them. So we have sorted your problem.

The cue sticks have styles and features that make each of them unique. And we think players must choose the right equipment that can be beneficial to them. We believe in these cues. You can improve your playing skills.

FAQs regarding best pool cues for intermediate players

1. How do I choose a good pool cue?

People always want to choose the best pool cue. But it’s tough to choose the excellent pool cues. But you can check its actual length, product’s material, balance point, cue material, and shaft.

2. What is the best cue tip size?

Cue tips have different sizes, and we must choose the right size among them. As per the official players or experts, cue tips between 11mm-14mm are the perfect cue tip size. Both intermediate and pros can get this.

3. How often should you change your pool cue tip?

Over time, the leather tips of the cues get thick. It’s pretty simple for the leather to get stale. But it would help if you changed the pool cue tip this time. If you don’t do so, you may miscue, which is unsuitable for a player.

4. How do you prepare a new cue tip?

After a specific time, we must set a new cue tip, but how can we do it? At first, you have to cut off the old cue tip to the ferrule. Then add a new one so you can easily change it with your chosen one.

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