difference between slate and wood pool table

The game of pool has been an intriguing sport for lots of people both for fun and serious tournaments. Nevertheless, those interested in getting a pool table for their homes, bars, or clubs are most times confused about the ideal pool table to purchase.

While most people will prefer the slate pool table, others are more interested in purchasing the wood pool table. For what it is worth, we will be providing you with the difference between slate and wood pool table in this article.

Before we delve into the main differences between both, it is best to have a brief idea of these pool tables.

The Slate Pool table

As a durable rock, slate is used for various applications such as cladding, landscaping, roofing, and even your pool tables. It is used in the creation of higher-end pool tables because of its resistance to dents and high durability.

When you come across the slate pool table anywhere online before seeing it in real life, you should be aware that the part of the pool table that is made with slate is only the playing surface.

As for the frame, it is constructed with hardwood. Since it has a wooden frame, its playing surface is either a three-piece or one-piece quarried slate bed. You may fall in love with a slate pool table because it is less susceptible to warping.

Even though the slate pool table comes with many advantages when you are faced with the difference between slate and wood pool table, have it in mind that it is not free from disadvantages.

These pool tables are normally very expensive and weigh heavier than your typical wood table. And, though its three-piece counterpart may be lighter in weight, the one piece is practically heavy.

The Wood Pool Table

When it comes down to the wood pool tables out there, it is vital to note that they come with a hardwood playing surface. Although, some will have the bed made out of MDF; medium density fiberboard.

As for their frames, the high-quality wood tables are made with hardwood such as maple, ash, mahogany, cherry, and even oak. Unlike the slate pool table, they are lighter and apparently cheaper to purchase.

Nevertheless, they are at a disadvantage because they are vulnerable to issues like warping, and humidity and are surely not dent resistant. Since wood will practically absorb any spilled liquid, it will affect your pool table over time.

Difference Between Both Tables

Over the years, people have compared slate pool tables to wood pool tables. However today we will be outlining the clear differences between both.

The difference between slate and wood pool table range from:

1.Their portability

Another difference between slate and wood pool table is their portability. When it comes to this, note that portability is the ease of moving your pool table to any location you desire.

In other news, the slate pool tables are much heavier to move than their wooden counterpart. However, their weight gives them stability which will make you enjoy playing on them.

The average slate pool table will weigh roughly 450 kg while the wooden pool table weighs a tiny bit more than two hundred kg. The wood pool tables are very light when compared to slate.

2.Their Gameplay

This is a no-brainer as you will get better gameplay from using a slate pool table. The reason why the skate pool table will perform better than the wood pool table in this category is that the slate on its own is parallel and flat.

So, your pool balls will move swifter and smoother than when they are on a wood pool table. The wooden tables have grains that will block your balls and make movement uneven.

With these grains, your shots will not be great. When you are faced with a surface that is not up to par, it will affect your game no matter how perfect the felt you use performs.

In other words, the slate pool table is the ideal choice for good gameplay if you have enough money.

3.Their Price

Budget is always a big deal when it comes down to wanting to purchase anything. And, we have tried mentioning above that the slate pool table is normally more expensive than the wood pool table.

But one thing you have no idea about is that there are disparities in their pricing due to certain factors. For the slate pool table, its high price has to do with its MDF body. This MDF will cover both its surrounding and surface areas.

Even though some slate pool tables out there are made of wood but come with a slate finish, note that these types will not give you the ideal gameplay you desire.

The disparity in the wood pool table has to do with the wood laminate used in their creation. And while some will have the MDF body, the gameplay is nothing compared to their slate counterpart.

4.Quality of the tables

Lastly, you will find the difference between both tables in their quality. We do not need to overemphasize how the slate pool table will stand out in the crowd as one game you play will show you all the difference.

More so, your slate pool table will never absorb liquid spills. This means that whenever anything is spilled on it, you simply have to change your felt and everything is good again.

However, when you are faced with a wood pool table, you cannot play a rough game as it will destroy the quality of the table. The wooden table will sustain rough games like the slate table.

As we have mentioned earlier, wood absorbs liquids and this will make your table lose its performance when temperatures fluctuate.

If you never knew, wood is one of those touchy materials that will either contract or expand depending on whether it is a hot or cold day. You need to take care of the wooden table cautiously to ensure it lasts for a long period.

The quality of the slate table cannot be criticized as purchasing such a table will be a long-term investment. You will only have to replace the felt and everything is fine.

Will it be better to use a wood pool table instead of the slate pool table?

If you do not have the budget for it, then you can make do with the wood pool table. It is lighter to relocate.

Is there a difference between the one-piece and three-piece slate pool tables?

Well, yes there is. The one-piece is way heavier than the three-piece slate pool table. Besides, the three-piece is split into three parts meanwhile the one-piece is basically one whole slate.

Is there a difference between billiard and pool tables?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that, while they are both used in playing these cue sports, your pool table comes with six pockets but the billiard table has just four.


There are lots of things we have highlighted in our article on the difference between slate and wood pool table. However, one that greatly stands out is the quality of the two tables.

If you have the budget for it, it is advisable to purchase a slate pool table as maintenance culture is barely existent, unlike your wooden table.

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