What Is A Slate Pool Table? – Don’t Overlook it

For those who may be contemplating buying a pool table, it must be noted that purchasing one is not as easy as you may have thought.

In other words, there are many different types of pool tables, and getting to determine the best fit for you can be an uphill task. However, we may have one you would probably love.

It is a slate pool table. Before you ask what is a slate pool table, sit back, relax and keep reading.

A slate pool table is a pool table that has a slate playing surface. Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is extremely hard and durable. It is the material of choice for pool table surfaces because it provides a smooth, level playing surface that is resistant to warping.

Slate Pool Table

In the world of billiard, it is vital to have an understanding of the types of pool tables available at your disposal.

Now, the slate pool table is the type of pool table that comes with a slate as its playing surface. Do not get lost in this definition as the slate is simply a form of rock. More so, it is fully covered with billiard cloth.

This cloth helps to give it a smooth and continuous roll. Most people, prefer playing on the slate than any other surface. But, the slate tables are majorly used particularly for those competitions and tournaments.

This is because they are heavily durable and consistent and the precision is pretty leveling. While we have the slate tables, best believe that there are also non slate tables. Be ready to be enlightened on the differences.

What Is The Difference Between Non-Slate And Slate Tables

While you may have an understanding of what is a slate table now,  these two tables are differentiated easily, and we will be providing you with their basic differences.

Without much ado, the difference between non slate and slate tables include:

1.Their Quality

While slate tables have a high quality and are used during competitions, you will also find them in bars and pubs plus some recreational environments.

As for the non slate tables, they are quite similar to the slate tables but they do not come with slates. Instead, their surface is made up of fiberboard. They are made for fun and majorly used around the house.

2.Their Price

Best believe that slate pool tables are pretty expensive since they are made by following through with the international standards.

While you are asking around for what is a slate table, bear in mind that the price tends to range between one thousand to twenty dollars a piece. Yes, you read right.

As for the non slate tables, they are quite affordable since they will be used in the home. You can buy it for between four hundred to one thousand dollars.

3.Their Weight

The slate tables are heavy because of the slate being used. So, it weighs roughly five hundred to three thousand pounds. Though the weight will be dependent on its size.

As for the non slate tables, they are way lighter because of the fiberboard used. And, they weigh roughly three hundred to six hundred pounds. This is also dependent on the type you are buying.

4.Their Gameplay

The slate pool table is majorly used during tournaments so, the users enjoy good gameplay.

For the non slate tables, the precision and accuracy expected are lacking and only suitable to be used in the home.

In all, when you are buying a slate pool table, you should check if the slate is extended beyond the known playing surface. You should check for this irrespective of whether the slate table is one sturdy piece or cut into three pieces.

On a good day, your slate table will need to be big enough to fit under the rails of the pool table. More so, it must be cut expertly so that it will correctly fit against the side pockets.

Ensure that your slate is bolted securely to the frame of the pool table. This will help in preventing any slips or movements. Most importantly, the slate will have to be leveled once the table is set up and placed in the home or where you need it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Slate Pool Table

Some of the advantages you will enjoy when you make use of the slate pool table are:

• Your pool ball will roll easily and smoother.

• The slate does not get to dry out or warp

• These tables tend to retain their value while the value of some of them gets to increase over time.

• When compared to woof, slates are a superior quality

• If you were worried about durability, this table will last for a lifetime

• Your playing surface will be one of high quality.

While everything has its advantages, we cannot avoid the disadvantages. The disadvantages of using a slate pool table are:

•They weigh a ton. You will find slate pool tables weighing between four hundred and fifty to six hundred pounds. Of course, it goes further than six hundred pounds though dependent on the size you are buying.

• They are more expensive than their wooden counterparts. But the investment will be worth it since they last for a pretty long time.

• Due to their weight, you will find it difficult to move them. You will need expert pool table installers and even movers to do this job.

The Three-Piece and The One Piece Slate Pool Tables

While you will be given answers to the question of what is a slate pool table, it is also vital that you know that there are one-piece slate tables and three-piece slate tables.

Understand that, the one-piece slate table is crafted with a single piece of slate. As for the three-piece slate table, it is split into three parts as its name implies.

Nevertheless, the one-piece does not come with seams but you will notice two seams in the three-piece slate table. For those unaware, the adequately milled three-piece slate begins as one piece but is cut into three parts.

In other words, you will be getting one single piece that has been divided into three pieces.

You just need to search for a small semi-circle chalk mark on the three-piece table to confirm that you got a set that matches one another.

It is common knowledge that if the three pieces were gotten from a single slate, the chalk marks will be perfectly lined up when it is assembled. More so, top-quality pool tables use the three-piece slate.

The reason for this is that they provide more advantages like accuracy. Plus, they are simpler to move and will most likely not warp with time like the one piece.

Some things you should know about the one-piece slate table are:

•They are crafted using a distinct slate piece

• They will warp or start sagging because of their weight

•You will find them in clubs or bars. This is because they are majorly used for coin-ops.

• It comes with a playfield that is seamless.

•It is very hard to move

As for the three-piece slate table, some things you should know are:

•          It is a table that can be easily moved

•          The leveling here is more accurate

•          Over time, you will not experience any sagging issue

•          It is way more popular than the one-piece counterpart

•          You will find them on bigger tables.


A slate pool table is a billiard table with a playing surface made of a single piece of slate. To make a smooth, level surface for the pool balls to roll on, the slate is cut into a rectangular shape and then covered with a cloth. Because it provides a true roll and is exceptionally durable, slate is the material of choice for professional pool tables. Do you have any idea of what is a slate table? Well, we have provided an outstanding article on everything you need to know about the slate pool table.

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