how to identify mcdermott pool cue

For those who know all the best shooting tips used in playing billiards, the next best thing to know how to identify mcdermott pool cue before your next big game.

While there are lots of manufacturers out there that create various pool cue brands, you can best believe that you will be at your best when you hold a pool cue made by the Mcdermott manufacturers.

With so many manufacturers bringing their own uniqueness in technology, features, and design, it is best to find ways to identify a brand.

If you never knew, having the idea of the brand that made your pool cue will give you an edge on:

  • The most effective methods for upgrading pool cue parts
  • Places where you can get the replacement
  • Its compatibility with the custom elements, and even
  • The warranty attached

So, while you may know the price of your Mcdermott pool cue, we will teach you how to identify mcdermott pool cue in this article.

Ways To Identify Mcdermott Pool cue Series

Even if you have the best pool tips, we have made it clear that it is preferable that you have general knowledge of identifying pool cues.

There are brands in the industry that will mark their pool cues with an official stamp or their logos, but some do not do this. However, you can always identify the manufacturer of a pool cue via some unique features known only to that specific brand.

Beginning from the base of the cues down to their general design, there are ways to perform this identification. Nevertheless, this article will focus on how to identify mcdermott pool cue.

Before we delve into the things you can do to carry out the identification, we will show you ways to identify the Mcdermott pool cue series.

If you do not see a sign on the joint or butt of the cue, you will need to take a look at the specs.

The Mcdermott creators have successfully released different series, and these series come with their own unique spec to help you identify the cue stick. It goes thus:

The G Series:
When it comes to the g series, the Mcdermott cue stick will come with quality construction. It is made from exotic woods and has diverse options for customization.

If your Mcdermott cue stick seems to have any of these g series traits, like a weighted bolt system and intricate inlays, then you already know the series you are using.

The Select Series:
A Mcdermott cue stick that belongs to this select series is equipped to standard with the i-3 shafts or the i-Pro slim technology.

The g-core shaft:
If you are not aware of how to identify the Mcdermott cue g-core shaft, note that you are to look for the Made In USA stamp around the cue stick. It will also come with inlays and rings that are made out of exotic woods.

The H Series:
When it comes to the Mcdermott cues h series, it must be noted that its h series was its first line of cues. They interestingly feature variable balance points that can be completely adjustable. This is one of the details you should never miss.

More so, the h series comes with a full-length carbon-fiber core plus a rail wherein its weights can be repositioned both backward and forward. If you need a pool cue of value, this is the one.

The traditional all-maple shaft:
If your pool cue comes with an all maple design as well as a premium stain, then it surely belongs to the Mcdermott pool cue series.

In general, if your pool cue is not made from the exotic materials that the Mcdermott pool cue is known for, then it can barely be associated with the Mcdermott brand.

Ways to Identify Mcdermott Pool Cues

In wondering how to identify mcdermott pool cue, you must understand that some models cannot be easily identified.

One such model is the Mcdermott Sneaky Pete pool cue. The reason why this particular model is difficult to identify is because of the nature of all Sneaky Pete cue models.

But, carrying out an extra inspection will help you identify other models. Some of the ways you can identify these models are:

1.You are to inspect the butt of the pool cue:

Almost all McDermott pool cues have their stamps, markings, or even logo at the butt of the pool cue.

However, if the pool cue with you has been modified, you may not see any of the markings made by Mcdermott’s creators. You must ask if the pool cue has been modified or not.

While the butt’s the easiest place to find the Mcdermott logo, note that if your cue was custom-made like some manufacturers in the industry do, then you will not see any marks.

2.The quality of the inlays and artwork:

The Mcdermott pool cue does not come with fancy artwork. But, while you may find some fanciful ones, they are produced at a minimum. Interestingly, the majority of McDermott cues do not have a specific uniform color.

Their grips, butts, shafts, and tips have different colors. While the handle area comes in a dark color, the shaft has a light color. These light colors can be dirty white or light or light.

There are some brands on this table that follow such color trends. However, Mcdermott has been able to successfully stand out with these markings since they are typically adorned with stylish artwork.

3.Check the quick release joint of the pool cue:

For those with the two-piece pool cue model, have in mind that it normally comes with markings. The markings will be found on the quick release joint. The reason why this is done is that some billiards and pool cue creators are known to provide upgraded joints and parts.

You are to check the joint for the McDermott brand logo or signature. If you are not unaware, you can easily unwind your pool cue from its shaft to check the insides for any means of identification.

When you inspect the joint, you will know how old your pool cue is. The first-generation Mcdermott cues had fatter and bigger joints.

But the pool cue joints you will find now on Mcdermott’s cues are way sleeker.

4.Employ the services of local professionals to help:

In most cases, you will find a local pool community around you or a local forum in your country. In such settings, you will find some experienced or professional pool players that are interested in helping you identify your cue.

When you employ such a service, in no time, you will be a part of the community, and from there, you can create connections. There are people in such communities that can help you search for a shop nearby that sells McDermott pool cues.

5.A woodworking shop can help you check:

If you know an authorized dealer or some sites, they can help you check if your pool cue was made by McDermott. However, you can rely on woodworking shops to help you check the wood used on your cues.

For Mcdermott, they only make use of maple for each of their cues. So, if it is not made with maple, it is most likely not Mcdermott.

Also, keep in mind that some brands use maple for their most popular cues. This is why you may need to make use of diverse services to identify your cues.

Whatever brand you choose, make sure your pool cue is made of maple because it is the best material for cues.

6.Search for the Mcdermott Companies website to identify your cue:

You can rely on their website to learn how to identify mcdermott pool cue before you even try other methods.

On their site, you will find a lot of current and retired models of their cues. While you will not find all the retired cue models ever made, you can search for a good number of them.

With the website, you will be able to identify the pool cue. There is an option to send an email so that they can help you with the identification.

Buying the Mcdermott Brand:

For those who do not have any pool cues yet and are searching for one, understand that these cues come in diverse sizes and types. But one of the best hand-selected cues you will find out there is McDermott’s.

Mcdermott has been a popular and successful choice for more than forty years. And the reason they are widely known is not because of advertising but of their high-quality features, the technology they use, performance, and expert craftsmanship.

Due to their performance on the table, most professional pool and billiards players make use of Mcdermott cues when playing the game.

If you look into Mcdermott cues further, you will discover that they have three major brands of value.These are:

  • The lucky signs
  • The titular Mcdermott provides cues, and
  • The celestial cues

However, the lucky cues are the budget-friendly pool cues of Mcdermott. Their mid-range quality and budget have the Star cues, and the luxurious yet premium range is the titular Mcdermott.

How much will I spend on buying a McDermott pool cue?

If you must know, you will spend between four hundred and two thousand dollars to get a quality Mcdermott pool cue made from exotic wood and high quality construction.

What makes other cues different from McDermott cues?

Mcdermott pool cues have proven to be different from others because, aside from their top quality and wood construction, they come with lifetime warranties against any form of defects.

Can I be an authorized dealer of McDermott cues?

Yes, you can. You just need to fill out and submit their dealer application form.


Lovers of billiards can deliver a great performance with a quality brand like Mcdermott handcrafted pool cues. If you need to learn how to identify mcdermott pool cue, then we have successfully outlined various methods you can use.

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