How To Play Pool Hand Position.

Do you know how to play pool hand position? If not, then this article is for you. But first, you must understand that the hand positions in pool are tagged as hand bridges.

As a pool player, you should know all these hand positions as you will use them in different situations as you play.

Ways How To Play Pool Hand Position

In learning how to play pool hand position, you should know that even if a few hand positions are used in the game, the most popular is the basic stance. Note that this basic stance is used in holding the cue stick.

And it is done by placing your dominant hand at the cue stick’s bottom while the non-dominant hand stays on top. As you do this, note that your dominant hand should stay slightly higher than the non-dominant one.

Some other hand positions are:

•           The push out

•           The jump shot, and;

•           The bridge

As you learn how to play pool hand position, you must note that the bridge makes shots over obstacles like the balls that will block your path.

Doing a bridge, you are to place the non-dominant hand on top of your cue stick while your dominant hand rests underneath.

More so, people use the push-out in moving balls all around the table after the shot has been made. You can extend your arm and point the stick at the ball you desire to move.

As for the jump shot, it is used in making shots that present themselves to be challenging if made with the basic stance.

You can get the jump shot by extending your arm and holding the cue stick upright. When this is done, jump and hit your cue ball with the hand above it.

If you want to play all these hand positions, you should know the basic positions. And it goes thus:

•          Play your cue ball down the pool table

It is done when you hit your cue ball low and towards the table’s end. It will make it travel a longer distance before it finally hits another ball.

•          Play position shots

The position shots demand precise positioning of your cue ball to make the next shot occur easier.

•          Stop the cue ball on the cushion

It occurs when you hit the cue ball high and off any cushions at the side of the table.

•          Position for a masse shot

It is a position shot that demands precise positioning if you want your next shot to be done easily. The masses shot occurs when one hits the cue ball using a backspin, causing it to move backward and up towards your object ball.

•          Jump the cue ball over the object ball

It occurs when you hit the cue ball, and it jumps over the object ball and then lands in the pocket you want.

•          Bank the cue ball off the cushion

Here, you will have to hit the cue ball, which will bounce off any of the cushions on the side of the pool table and into the expected pocket.


We have successfully provided you with tips on how to play pool hand position. More so, we have outlined what the basic hand positions are. Ensure you read through.


•          Which hand is considered the dominant hand in pool?

Your dominant hand is the one you use in shooting the cue ball. The right-handed people will have their left hand as the dominant hand. In contrast, the left-handed ones will have the right hand as their dominant hand.

•          Is it easy to play hand positions in pool?

For the hand positions to be easy, you will need steady practice.

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