How To Play Cutthroat Pool

For those who are into the game of pool, you must have heard of the cutthroat pool. However, if you have not, keep reading to find out more, as we also give you tips on how to play cutthroat pool.

How To Play Cutthroat Pool

In learning how to play cutthroat pool, you must understand what it entails. For beginners, the cutthroat pool is a variant of pool played in groups with three or more players.

And everyone aims to be the last to have their balls on the pool table. So it is seen as an elimination game wherein the more object balls on the table, the better for the players.

You can learn how to play cutthroat pool by understanding that the game is played with a specific standard set of pool balls. These balls are numbered one through fifteen, plus your cue ball.

Then, the balls get divided into groups, with each player claiming their group. The  premise of this game is:

•           Aim for the balls of your opponents that are on the pool table

•           Players will be eliminated when every ball has been pocketed

•           Even if you make one, continue shooting until there is a scratch or miss or you make an illegal shot.

•           The winner is regarded as the player that has balls left on the table after every other player gets eliminated

•           If an opponent commits a foul and you have been eliminated before it even happened, you can get back into the game.

In learning how to play cutthroat pool, you will need to:

•          Claim groups

Every player will get their group of billiard balls, and you will have to preserve your group by knocking out opponents. For those playing the three-player games, ball groups will be numbered one to five, six to ten, and eleven to fifteen.

If you play with five players, your groups will be split as one to three, four to six, seven to nine, ten to twelve, and thirteen to fifteen.

Rules Of Cutthroat Pool

Now that you have an idea of how to play cutthroat pool, the rules that apply to this game are:

•           You cannot hit your balls first

•           The cue ball will have to make contact with any of the balls owned by your opponents

•           If you do not pocket your opponent’s balls, the shot will result in either a numbered ball or the cue ball touching a cushion

•           The touch-the-cushion rule was made to stop players from taking safe and light shots.

When a foul happens in Cutthroat pool, every one of the opponents will need to place a former pocketed ball back on the pool table. And if you were previously eliminated, you can rejoin at this point.

When learning how to play cutthroat pool, a scratch will occur if you jump the cue ball off the pool table, pocket the cue ball or jump your balls off the pool table.

When a scratch occurs, you will have to lose your turn. And when you jump any of your balls off the pool table, you are to place them exactly where it was before you played.

Then, the next player will begin their turn with a ball in hand. In other news, they will position the cue ball wherever they want between the head string and head cushion.


We have successfully provided you with tips on how to play cutthroat pool. However, it would help if you read through it, so the game does not look challenging.


•          What happens if you are playing ball in hand in the Cutthroat pool and the balls of your opponents are behind the head string?

You will need to take it to the nearest Head string and place it in the exact location but on the opposite side of the pool table.

•          Is Cutthroat Pool hard to play?

With practice and a good understanding of the rules, it is a simple variant of pool to play.

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