Things What To Look For When Buying A Pool Table

As a first-time pool buyer, it is only normal to search and ask around about the things what to look for when buying a pool table.

The truth is, purchasing a pool table is a challenging task as there are many things to consider out of the thousand and one options out there.

However, do not fret; this article has been written to help you search for the ideal pool table.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Your Pool Table

Some of the things What to look for when buying a pool table are:

1.         Purchasing a used or a new pool table

When you want to buy a pool table, it is only normal to consider getting a new one or an already used one. We have added this to our list because your preference will solely depend on your budget.

Now this means that when the budget does not pose a problem, most people will prefer to purchase a new pool table. And when the budget is tight, buying used ones is not a bad option.

But we must let you in on a little secret. This secret is that you should buy a brand new one if you want to buy a vast yet professional pool table. The reason is that they are highly reliable.

And when you want a pool table to teach your kids how to play pool, you should purchase a used one. One primary reason is that they may not need the table after a while, and you may have to re-sell.

2.        The manufacturer

Are you aware that in searching for the things to look for when buying a pool table, you must check out the manufacturer?

It must be noted that the manufacturer’s name or tag is usually placed on the apron or headrail of the table. With this tag, you will know your table’s model and where it was initially crafted.

Now, with such information, you can do more research on the brand and figure out all the necessary information before you part ways with your money.

Some people go further to ask for the sales receipt of the pool table from the seller, as this will help them understand the ideal price.

3.        The type of pool table

When searching for things to look for when buying a pool table, you must always ask yourself whether you are buying it for your kids or yourself.

Now, if the purchase is for your kids, you can always make a move to search the market for kids’ pool tables since those come in small sizes. And when the tables are for yourself, there are three categories to look up.

These categories are:

•          A beginner’s pool table

Are you an amateur in the game and want to sharpen your skills from the comfort of your home? If yes, you should purchase the pool table crafted out of cheap materials.

While they have nothing unique, you will need to buy them as you can use them to learn the fundamental techniques and tips one needs while playing pool.

With this table, the knot is average, while the slate and felt might be slightly above average or on average.

•          An intermediate pool table

These pool tables are known as mid-range because they are crafted for those highly enthusiastic about pool and who play the game almost daily.

The intermediate pool table comes with a lovely felt and frame; more so, they last longer, especially when properly cared for. In addition, they come available in lots of finishes and colors.

•          A professional pool table

These pool tables are in the premium range and are made from some of the best materials. In addition, they come with ideal finishes and have a lifetime warranty.

In all, you must figure out where you stand before you get a pool table. For example, an amateur in the game should not purchase a professional pool table and vice versa.

4.        The frame

When it comes down to things to look for when buying a pool table, it must be noted that the frame has to be considered.

It is because pool tables are typically heavy, and they will have to bear the weight of the slate while simultaneously supporting the player’s weight as he leans on or against it.

One thing you must bear in mind is that the frame will rely on the pool table you are buying. A large table will need a quad beam, while the small one will need two cross beams.

If you never knew, the quad beams are normally sturdier and more reliable no matter how big or small the table is, as their purpose is practically to hold the slate in position.

Search for a robust frame if you want your games to be smooth and the table to have a long life.

5.        The slate

For those unaware, the playing surface of the pool table is regarded as the slate. And when you want to buy your pool table, attention should be given to it as it will be the determining factor for the quality of your gameplay.

Slates are available in two variations: the one-piece and the three-piece. The one-piece is a complete surface area with no pieces or joints; meanwhile, the three-piece has joints and will need some adjustments on its frame.

While the final choice is yours to make, a fact is that most people will prefer the three-piece slate as it is hardly susceptible to wear and tear plus, it can be easily managed.

The thicker your slate, the smoother your gameplay will be. The ideal thickness of most slates for pool tables is ¾. Therefore, it is advisable to go for this thickness and nothing less.

When you get to the market, you will realize that the pool tables are filled with wood, cardboard, and MDF slate that will only sometimes support the weight and durability of the pool table.

We will not advise buying the one-piece slate because it is more challenging to play and will not fit into most houses.

6.        The felt or pool tablecloth

The felt on your pool table can affect your game’s speed and accuracy if you never knew. Unfortunately, while most of these tables already have a standard-grade pool tablecloth, they have a low life expectancy.

An example we can give is that while woolen-grade felt will last more than a decade; you will have to sacrifice your speed. Most people will prefer to go with the nylon blend grade felt since, aside from its durability, your speed will be increased.

However, this nylon felt is more expensive but tryst them to withstand wear and tear than most felts.

7.         Your budget

We have made this the last item amongst the things to look for when buying a pool table because your purchase will be dependent on nothing else but the budget you have on the ground.

Your budget will need to be heavily considered before you make any purchases. However, as mentioned earlier, if you have enough money, buying a new pool table is better as they have no issues, is highly reliable, and will last up to ten years.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you will not find used pool tables in decent and good condition. So in all you do, ensure you check the prices of both the old and new pool tables before you make a decision.


Generally, if you want to venture into the market to begin your search, we have outlined all the possible things to look  for when buying a pool table. Please take advantage of all of this list, as it will help your purchase.

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