How Big Is A Pool Table? New Update in 2022

There are lots of people out there who are stuck wondering and asking google “how big is a pool table?”. Well, if you are among those people then this article is for you irrespective of whether you need the pool table for entertainment at home.

It must be noted that pool tables come in different sizes based on the needs of the users and buyers. With this, it is vital to note that nobody wants to buy pool tables that will not give them enough space for playing their game in the room.

Nevertheless, the pool table is a fantastic furniture piece that acts as an important status symbol and even counts as a luxury item. Even with all of these, a whole lot of people have little to no idea about pool table size.

Understand that, the billiard world is not just competitive, it comes with lots of fun. So, if you enjoy playing pool, you surely need to purchase a pool table. For those who have been playing for a while, you may be used to the rules of this game.

However, it will amaze you to note that you can estimate how big the pool table is without being inside pool halls before or holding a cue stick. Nevertheless, before we delve into the pool table size, let us take a cursory look at how you can measure the pool table.

Ways To Measure The Pool Table:

If you are interested in getting the size pool table accurately, then all you need is your pen, notebook, and tape measure. The steps involved in measuring the pool table size include:

Step 1:

Bring out the tape measure and place it open on the pool table

Step 2:

Position the beginning of your tape measure on the edge of the new pool table exactly where the ball gets to hit the cushion. Ensure that it is not u delineate the cushion.

Step 3:

You are to measure the edge all the way across till you get to the end of the other cushion.

The Different Game Table Dimensions And Sizes

It must be understood that these pool games have certain tables that come in different sizes when wondering how big is a pool table.  We will be letting you in on each of the game table and their dimensions in centimeters and inches. They include:

1.The six-foot table is known to measure up to a length of 29 and one-quarter inches. It is 31 inches tall with a length of 350cm by 273cm. It is known to be the standard by World Pool Billiards Association.

3. The seven-foot pool table sizes range up to 93 by 54 inches in length and it is 32 inches tall. In other news, it has a length of 236cm by 137cm plus a height of 81.3cm.

4. For the standard home eight-foot pool tables, measure up to 88 by 44 inches in length. This is 244cm by 112cm in length and 74.3cm in height.

5. The eight-foot Pro pool table measures 92 inches by 46 inches which adds up to 233.7cm by 116.8cm with a height of 78.7cm.

6. For the professional tournament tables, they measure up to 100 inches in length and fifty inches in width. This size table has the height of a nine-footer which is 81.3cm.

For more on both the smaller table and larger table, the things you should know are:

1. The Regulation Size Pool Tables

As for the regulation size pool table, the first thing to note is that it has a playing surface. The length of the playing surface is twice as long as the width.

This means that it can as well be any size table so long as the dimensions of the playing surface are very accurate. In other news, a table that has a width of 44 inches will need to have a length of 88 inches for it to be seen as a regulation.

If you never knew, the majority of the pool tables you see are crafted with the dimensions of the regulation table.

When it is about the length of time, playing on a nonregulation table becomes more difficult when you want to switch to the regulation table. Note that when you see a regulation pool table, the size of the play field is what is important.

This playing field is the playing area inside the pool table and not the outside edge.

2. The Standard Pool Tables

When it comes down to the standard pool table sizes, you will find lots of results as they are regarded as six, seven, eight, and nine feet. In some of these sizes, you will come across the term regulation pool table.

Nevertheless, this standard pool table’s most common size is eight feet long are they are popularly found in American homes.

Most people refer to them as professional tables not because experts use them but because their size will give you a fantastic playing experience. The reason for this is a result of its playing field.

However, the standard pool table sizes are not considered under larger tables like the tournament tables. This means an average player can have a good time playing their game on this table.

3. The Tournament Size Tables

These tables are used majorly in professional pool tournaments. They are the nine-foot tables that were created for the original game of billiards. Due to their additional width and length, it is quite uncommon to find this size pool table in private homes.

4. The Standard Bar Sizes

For the pool table to be highly profitable, most bars pack as much as they can in their given spaces. However, they mostly go for the smaller tables which are the seven-foot tables.

For the most part, the smaller table is coin-operated though not all. The standard bar tables are known to measure up to 7 inches by 3.5 inches plus a playing surface of 78 inches by 39 inches.

Note that, they are two feet smaller than the normal tournament table which makes them a bit smaller for expert or serious players. Nevertheless, if you are a casual player that has smaller rooms, then you can purchase this table size.

There are some of these bar tables that have a playing surface that is as big as 82 inches by 41 inches. It is for those who have a big open space or enough room.

5. The Standard Home Sizes

When it comes down to shooting pool at home, the eight-foot pool table is popularly used as it measures 8 inches by 4 inches plus a playing surface of 88 inches by 44 inches.

You will also find mid-size goldilocks tables that are not so big and not so small either. They are just ideal for your man cave or the garage you are planning on converting.

More so, you will find eight inches plus tables that are known as eight-foot Pro tables. Their playing surface is 92 inches by 46 inches and they are great for those who want larger tables but do not have enough space for a nine-foot table.

6. The Smaller Tables

Tables that are considered to be smaller than those we have outlined above are affordable and known to be six-foot tables. If you play on a bar box or pool halls, then the six-foot table may be strange to you.

However, if you want to entertain your kids and play pool occasionally, then the six-foot table is ideal for you.

7. The Four Foot Tables

It is ideal for kids that love pool. As for adults, this table is too small for them to play properly or give a strong and effective stroke.

8. The Miniatures and Tabletop

One thing you must know is that there are small tables available in different sizes. While some are called tabletop tables since they are crafted to sit on an already existing table, the other small tables have changeable games such as ping pong, air hockey, or even football.

The fact is that they are all made for kids.

The Cueing Space And Cue Sizes

It is vital to note that the cue length of the pool cues you are interested in using will be responsible for dictating the space you have readily available for your table.

A whole lot of the British pool table are given medium-length cues that measure up to a cue length of 48 inches. When used in playing pool, they are long enough for the adult players to utilize.

However, the taller players will need to use the complete size 57-inch pool cue. As for kids and shorter people, they will make use of a shorter cue length of 48 inches.

Note that, your height will affect the pool cue size since taller people normally have a longer reach. The shorter people will use shorter cues and kids can always make do with the shorty cues.

More so, when it comes down to the Cueing Space, pool tables will need to have more than enough space around to enable players to make use of the cue ball to cue shots from all angles, though normally with a 57-inch cue.

Nothing needs to obstruct play and that is why there is no such thing as too much space when playing pool. To have excellent cue ball control, you need space.

Before you purchase that pool table, it is vital to put the space into consideration. Ensure that there is more space around the table for you to play and love around comfortably.

Pool Table And Space

Now that you have an idea of how big is a pool table and the length of the cue, it is crucial to know how much space is needed when you purchase these billiards tables. Understand that you will need enough size room to enable the players to pinpoint aim and shoot from every side.

Nevertheless, more than eighty percent of people have a minimum of one tight spot in their game room where they need a short pool cue. You should leave five feet of clear space around the pool table.

The room dimensions will be enough for placing and stroking your cue. No matter your playing style, the perfect space for the pool table should be a minimum of ten feet added to the dimensions of the table.

A simple equation is that, if your table measures 4 ½ feet by 9 feet then the room dimensions needed will be 14 ½ by 19 feet on their sides. As for bar tables that measure four feet by eight feet, you will need a minimum of fourteen feet by eighteen feet of floor space.

Every one has a very common question Why Are Pool Tables So Expensive? The main reason is Big size of table , Pool Table Felt colors and its expensive material .


Are you still searching for how big is a pool table? With this article, you will find your answer. Ensure you read through to know the different sizes and dimensions before purchasing your pool tables.

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