How Heavy Is A Slate Pool Table?

While some people are worried about how big a pool table can be, there are others out there wondering and asking “How Heavy Is A Slate Pool Table?”.

Before we delve deeper into this topic, have it that the slate pool table is as heavy as one thousand to one thousand one hundred pounds.

One thing you must bear in mind is that there are lots of sizes you will find when you are in the market for a slate pool table. In other news, the weight of the slate pool table may most likely differ with every size.

An example we have for you is that the 7-foot by 5-foot slate pool table will weigh much less than the 9-foot by 5-foot slate table. Wondering why? Well, this is because the 7-foot table does not have so many slate boards like that 9-foot one.

In simpler terms, the weight of the slate pool table is heavily reliant on the size you will buy.

What Does The Slate Pool Table Weigh?

While you are left wondering how heavy is a slate pool table, have it in mind that a top quality slate that is ¾ inch thick on a 7-foot table will have the table weighing a minimum of some hundred pounds.

It means that the bigger your table, the more it can weigh roughly five hundred pounds or more. There are also 10ft tables with a playing surface of 12 feet by 6 feet that will weigh up to one thousand pounds.

More so, the 6 by 3 slate table will weigh roughly four hundred and fifty pounds while the 8 x 4 slate will weigh six hundred and fifty pounds. Before you get a pool table for your home, you need to know how much they weigh.

Factors Surrounding The How Heavy Is A Slate Pool Table?

Since you are asking how heavy is a slate pool table before you choose the ideal color for your pool table felt, note that, there are factors that affect the weight.

Some of these factors are:

1.The type of pool table

The majority of the professional pool players will choose a slate pool table over the non slate one. The reason for this is that slates give a smooth feeling and a playing surface that is heavily leveled.

With slates, your pool ball will always run in a straight line. Since the weight of your pool table will be 4 eliant on the number of slates used, note that each slate piece weighs between one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty pounds.

Note that, your desired one-piece table slate will weigh less than the costly three-piece slate table

2.The thickness

The weight of the slate table is affected by the thickness of the slate. A regular slate pool table will make use of a one-inch thick slate. And, if you never knew, the thicker the slate bed, the heavier your table will be.

So, the one-piece slate will even be heavier than the three-piece if its slate is given more than enough thickness.

3. Size of the table

As we have mentioned earlier, the size of your slate pool table will affect its weight. When the size of the table is increased, the weight increase along with it.

If you want one in your home to keep playing with, you will need to buy one that is light. Because you have to move your pool table at a certain point in time, a large pool table may pose a problem.

4.The construction

The build quality of every pool table is done in a way to make sure it is capable of supporting its weight. In other words, a pool table will be built with solid and highly supportive materials that can tackle the weight.

For the slate pool tables, they make use of hardwood for the surrounding structure. This is because it will need to fully support up to two hundred pounds of weight from its body frame.

A pool table’s legs will weigh roughly ten to twenty pounds though depending on the materials used when building it. There are some crafted to be ow or sturdy and it will affect the overall weight.

On a general note, you must have answers to the question of how heavy is a slate pool table because if you ever need to move the pool table, you need to know how much it weighs.

More so, knowing the weight will help with preparing a better plan of action to disassemble it when moving. If you never knew, it is way simpler to disassemble the three-piece slate pool table when relocating it.

You just need to ensure you do not damage the distinct slate pieces during the process. For those unaware, each of the slate pieces from the three-piece slate pool table is made to match each other.

So, if even one gets damaged, you will not be replacing just that one but every single piece. Nobody wants to ever have to experience such!.

More so, as a result of its construction and weight, the one-piece slate is hard to move when you need to carry it through a hallway or even down some stairs. It will also cost more to either service or move the one-piece anywhere.

Nevertheless, now you are aware of all the factors that make the slate pool table heavy. This will help you make a good choice whenever you are ready to make the big purchase for either your home, club, or bar.


Do you want to keep asking How Heavy Is A Slate Pool Table? Well, there will be no need for that anymore as we have provided you with every single answer you need.

Generally, the slate pool table’s weight will fall between four hundred and fifty and one thousand pounds. For some, they exceed the one thousand pounds though this is dependent on what they will be used for in the long run.

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