Snooker Versus Pool Difficulty. Which Game is Easy.

Have you ever wondered whether snooker was more complicated than a game of pool? Snooker is the most complex game that one has to play with balls and a table.

From the standpoint of a mere spectator, snooker might seem easy, but in this article, we will address the issue of snooker versus pool difficulty.

In Snooker Versus Pool Difficulty

Before rightly stating the snooker versus pool difficulty problem, their differences must be outlined first.

Understand that the two games are pretty different, especially when it comes down to things like:

•           Pocket, ball, and table size

•           Scoring

•           Game Rules

•           Fouling penalties

There are also some differences in their physical attributes, rule differences, and even accessibility of the game. For example, people claim it will depend on the player’s experience and skill level to find out the snooker versus pool difficulty level.

On a fair note, without being biased, snooker is taken to be more challenging to learn than a game of pool. And the reason is that there are more rules and regulations, plus its table is narrower, making it hard to pot the balls.

But on another note, some people find pool hard because of the many different shots that are made possible. In all, the major differences in their difficulty levels are:

1.         The size of the table

In learning the snooker versus pool difficulty level, it must be noted that snooker is usually placed on a more oversized table with smaller pockets. As for pool, people play the game on both big and small tables.

Following the 2:1 rule, the snooker table is measured twelve feet by six feet even though its small and big tables are known to be ten by five and nine by 4.5 feet.

Understand that the bigger the snooker table is, the harder it is to cover the entire surface. Therefore, Snooker pros prefer using the full-size table as they can use their skills.

As for pool tables, they normally measure up to nine by 4.5 feet, plus their small size makes it simpler for the players to pocket their balls either accurate precision within a short distance.

2.        The size of the balls

In the snooker game, the red balls are noted to be worth one point each, while all the other balls are worth up to two points. But in pool, the balls are worth one through fifteen points, with the black ball being seven points.

As for their actual size, the pool ball uses a standard size of 2 ¼ diameter, making them twice the size of the 2 1/6 snooker balls.

3.        The pocket size

In the snooker versus pool difficulty, it must be noted that pool tables have up to six bigger corner pockets with wide openings. It means that the pockets can be easily fitted.

As for those in snooker, the pockets here are much larger than you will find in the pool pockets. And though they are six, they have rounded openings plus a flat surface that is extended up to 3/8 inches.

4.        The red ball rule

Finally, a difficulty you should have in mind is that, while playing snooker, you will need to hit a red ball before you can shoot at all other balls. Unfortunately, there is no such rule in pool.


You are encouraged to read through this article if you need to know more about the snooker versus pool difficulty.

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