Types Of Pool Table Felt. How to Choose The Right Pool Table Felt.

Are you aware that there are different types of pool table felt? Well, this might surprise many people as they surely have no idea.

It must be noted that although there are diverse pool table brands, the pool table felt are grouped into two. Keep reading to find out more.

What Are The Types Of Pool Table Felt

It must be understood that the types of pool table felt that are being used on pool or billiard tables are:

1.         The Woolen Cloth

Note that when you come across the normal pool tables, the felt used there is known as the Woolen cloth. As its name suggests, it is made of sixty percent wool and will allow your pool balls to move slowly when it comes to gameplay.

Since this pool table felt is affordable, it is ideal for casual pool players. More so, its fibers are napped in a distinct direction, thus giving the cloth a gentle velvet-like quality.

With its higher wool content, this pool table felt is found on English-style pool tables and even snooker tables.

Over time, the Woolen cloth has been taken as the standard felt and regarded as the most popular amongst those who play the game for fun.

2.        The Worsted Cloth

Regarding the types of pool table felt, the second type is known as the Worsted cloth. It is best described as a flatter weave and very expensive, although it boosts swifter gameplay.

This is ideal for those interested in getting expert-grade playability from their pool table and ensuring the cloth’s quality does not deteriorate.

It is imperative to note that when you touch the worsted wool for the first time, you will notice that it does not feel like pool table felt. You will commonly find this felt on American pool tables.

Maintenance Of Pool Table Felt

Since there are different types of pool table felt, you will need to know how to maintain both of them. It goes thus:

•          For the Woolen cloth maintenance

Here, it would be best if you gave the table felt additional care, and the good thing is that maintaining it entails routine brushing. So, brushing the chalk out of the cloth will be the secondary purpose of why you need to align uniformly.

Another way to maintain your pool table felt is by ironing and blocking. Note that blocking can be done when you use the handle of your brush. By doing this, you will be pushing the nap down to an optimal position for better play.

•          For the Worsted cloth maintenance

When it comes down to the maintenance of the different types of pool table felt, the Worsted cloth is easier to maintain. Since it has no directional nap, you can brush it in any direction, and it does not require any extra steps.

It is possible to embark on routine brushing after playing pool to eliminate dust and chalk.


We have provided you with the types of pool table felt you need to know. Ensure you read through so you remember the different types for different brands.


•          How can I protect my pool table felt?

You can protect the felt by keeping your pool table in a climate-controlled environment and placing a cover on it when it is not in use.

•          What are the American and English pool table felt?

From the article, you will realize that the American and English table felt is used to refer to the Woolen and Worsted pool table felt.

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